Tuesday, July 5th

Luca in tow, Summer arrives at GCM to get an update from Nick and Vikki. Oh, why did I let myself get so disconnected from everything? Summer frets even more when Paul and Dylan come out talking about the Abbott cabin. That’s where my Mom is!

We’re in this together, Phyllis refuses to leave the cabin. Ian’s always had a soft spot in his heart for Nikki – but at Victor’s request unties her. Joining Phyllis at the door, Nikki has a change of heart – wait!

Nikki can’t just leave Victor. Let’s. Go. Now, Phyllis catches the keys Victor tosses over. Go now he agrees – I have to finish here. And then there were two. Ian smirks.

Phyllis not answering her phone or the landline, Summer reminds why Ian hates her Mom. I love all three people in that cabin, please get them out safely. Jack isn’t answering his phone either. Summer will go find him (Luca goes to drive her) Dr Gates better home no one gets hurt tonight, Vikki growls at Nick.

Ian and Victor chuckle about 5 million bucks. Victor doesn’t feel like making the transfer tonight – his shoulder hurts. When Ian hits the button, he sets off a security alert that notifies the authorities. They now know where this computer’s located, Victor smirks. Yeah, but Ian still has the gun.

As Paul drives through the night, Dylan obediently makes calls alerting local police that they’re handling this. Dylan realizes Paul doesn’t want a trigger happy deputy shooting up the place. Your Mom will be OK, Paul promises.

At the club, Luca wants to know why Summer’s annoyed with him – do you blame me for not letting you look at your phone earlier? I wasn’t trying to keep you out of the loop. Summer flashes back to Nick asking her to be aware of Luca’s actions; use your instincts. Tell me you trust me, Luca pesters. Summer has no time for this and runs to update Jack and Billy. Don’t go up there, Summer relays Paul’s orders.

Ian loves Victor’s moxy and him taking a bullet and sacrificing himself for the woman who’s divorcing him. What’s your strategy though? Did you want me to shoot you to add years to my sentence? The gun isn’t an advantage after all, but Ian’s not done yet, he puts the gun in Victor’s hand and aims it at himself – now it’s checkmate.

Nick and Vikki are let in to see Meredith before she’s taken off to jail. You delaying may cost lives. Why did you wait? Victor wanted to protect Nikki himself. You chose to believe my Father over doing the right thing – after he humiliated you in court. Yes, he did, Meredith didn’t make the decision lightly. She had to help Victor help Nikki. He loves her dearly. And you love him, Nick realizes.