Tuesday, July 5th

As Billy’s insisting on going to the cabin with Jack, Phyllis runs into his arms – and meets Billy’s eyes over her husband’s shoulder.

Victor could pull the trigger any minute now. Nothing would balance the scales for Paragon, or lying in court today. They hear a helicopter outside. You can’t shoot me, Ian laughs. I’m just getting started. Let’s stay up all night telling stories about Nicole. I’ll tell you how she was way back when. Victor looks at the window and sees Nikki outside staring at him.

Summer now hugs her Mom as Billy brings over a glass of water. Phyllis sits to relay her ordeal – that Victor bargained for her and Nikki’s release. Where is she? Jack wonders.

Nikki’s face pressed to the window, Victor aims the gun at Ian. Drop it! Paul races in, gun drawn. Putting his hands up, Victor steps back.

Nikki refused to leave Victor, Phyllis came straight to the club – to get back to you (Jack) Is that a good decision? Jack thinks it a great decision. Billy frowns as they hug. Aside, Luca again tries to kiss Summer’s ass. Phyllis interrupts to hug her daughter and leave with Jack (with a quick glance at Billy)

Meredith assumes Nick and Vikki think her pathetic. What Victor said in court should have been my wake up call. But I loved Victor enough to help him get to the woman he loves. It hurts but it’s obvious that he loves one woman; Nikki.

In the cabin, Dylan hugs Nikki then takes Ian out. As Paul goes to cuff Victor, Nikki steps in – you sacrificed so much to get here. I didn’t think …. I’m so glad you came. Thank you. Without responding, Victor holds his wrists out to Paul. That won’t be necessary, Paul walks him out. Nikki’s left alone.

Next: Is Max on his way home? That’s not gonna happen, Abby tells her Mom …. Do you think something’s not right with Luca? Nick presses Summer…. What’s going on? What are you feeling? Jack probes. This, Hilary plants a big kiss on him.

My Thoughts: Luca and Summer not only look gross, they sound gross. Smack, smack, smack – can’t they edit that noise out? …. Poor poor Billy. It looks like fickle Phyllis has changed her mind yet again. She barely gave him a glance. Of course, she’ll hop back to brother #2 when she finds out that Jack’s kissing Hilary (tomorrow) … Nikki and Victor are played OUT. No more. How many times will Victor be injured (usually saving Nikki) and then she goes crawling back to him. Can’t this be the start of a mature friendship that doesn’t gravitate back towards the toxic, abusive ‘romance’ we’ve all been suffering through? … I think Victor would have shot Ian if Nikki didn’t have her nose pressed against the glass like she was eyeing cupcakes through a bakery window. All these tragedies are sure to depreciate the value of the Abbott cabin. It can’t be worth very much at this point… Where on earth is Abby? Why hasn’t she heard that her Dad’s on the loose? … Who cares what Nick and Vikki think. We all think you’re pathetic Meredith. You’ve lost your freedom, job, your reputation and probably your medical license. You may not be pissed at losing everything over a man who loves another woman – but how about a man who played you? Who didn’t give a rats ass about you from day one?