Wednesday, July 20th

Cane’s back to update Lily (who hands him wrapped ice for his eye) Surprise – I’m heading up the new line at Chancellor (we bought Brash n Sassy) Are you happy for me? Lily looks stunned.

Billy and Vikki continue to argue. Now Jill owns Brash n Sassy! You can both go to hell! After Vikki marches out, Billy leaves a message for Jill – call me back or I’m burning your beloved house to the ground!

Running a major division for Chancellor? Of course Lily’s thrilled ~hug~ Cane can’t wait to get started and is about to go tell Lauren when Jack happens along – you hit Billy? No, he’s not going to take a swing at Billy. If Jack tries to knock sense into anyone, it’ll be his brother.

Outside Hilary’s room, Neville tells Ashley that he can’t treat Hilary. It’s not his job to save lives – not here. Ashley barges in to interrupt Dr Shelby. Neville saved your life, Ashley reminds Hilary – and mine. We should be supporting his work. Neville’s not perfect – are you Hilary? Ashley was scared she’d die too – but she didn’t – because of Neville. Devon thinks it best Ashley left. Fine, she slams out.

Nick won’t apologize for asking Luca to do the right thing. Playing on Summer’s sympathies just proves he’s out for himself. He knew you were going to accuse him – smart play. Luca was using you. He loves me and is willing to walk away – and so am I. Luce loves me and that’s enough. Thanks for making that clear to me! Summer leaves her Dad frustrated.

Threaten to sue – make a counter offer – get my company back! Billy ends his call when Jack arrives to say he was going to lecture Billy – but instead asks him to come back to work at Jabot, with Phyllis.

Jack’s not just throwing Billy a bone – you and Phyllis make a good team. Billy just wants to fight to get his company back. You don’t know what it’s like til it’s gone. Jack agrees – and tells Billy that Phyllis didn’t get on the plane (to Montreal)

The Ashby’s celebrate on the rooftop. Lily’s glad Cane will have a new challenge. She’s glad he’s going back to CI if it makes him happy. You and the kids make me happy, Cane gives Lily a kiss.

Nick’s back at NE to whine to Vikki. She blames Nick for messing things up when they were almost rid of Luca. Vikki had a frustrating day too – Billy lost Brash n Sassy (to Jill and Cane) CI wants to be a player in consumer products. Nick hopes Summer’s not caught in the crossfire when Victor’s out.

Summer goes to Luca’s suite to plead with him to stay. We can get other jobs. Stay and fight for ‘us’. Luca wonders if Summer’s really ready to give up everything to be with him.