Wednesday, July 20th

A teary Summer vows not to give up. The thing I want most is you. My family loves me – I’ve got all the skills I learned at Newman and can learn the rest. Yes, Summer WILL be happy – as long as she’s with Luca ~hug~

Whether or not Dad’s released, we need to stand together to protect the company. No one can stop us. Nick smiles – he’s up for the fight.

Neville told the FDA that he was the one who adjusted the test results. He can’t let Ashley take the blame. Really? Ashley gives him a hug.

Dr Shelby tells Hilary that she can go home. Devon’s smile fades at the thought of everything ‘going back to normal’. I want to take you home to the penthouse. Hilary agrees.

Jack now tells Billy that Phyllis flew to Montreal on commercial. How could he suspect her of having an affair? She’d tell me. Billy knows Phyllis would never mean to hurt Jack (who needed to hear that)

At the office, Phyllis flashes back to telling Billy ‘I love you’ – then Jack putting the engagement ring back on her finger. Sobbing, Phyllis crumples to the floor.

Next: I’m with you, no matter what, Jack assures. Even if I go to that courtroom and crucify Victor? Phyllis asks …. At the courthouse, Victor tells Nikki and the kids ‘hopefully, this time, the outcome will be different’. Court is now in session.

My Thoughts: Good grief. Not quite as boring – but come ON… All of a sudden Cane’s OK working with Jill? And is excited about running Brash n Sassy (into the ground)? Does he forget how much he hated working for his ‘Mother’? And why would they team up against Billy? If Jill’s all bent out of shape about her naughty little boy drinking and having casual sex, why would she pull such an aggressive stunt? One guaranteed to send him running for the nearest bottle? If Cane wants so badly to get back into the corporate world (which I don’t recall the bartender having much experience at) why couldn’t he take a break from folding Tshirts in the bow-tique – and shop his resume around? …. How is it that these companies get passed around without the owner knowing anything about it? I don’t run a company – but I’d sure as hell notice if someone else started posting spoilers on my website (and so would you – there’d be less typos!) I wouldn’t find out about it changing hands online – TWICE …. Can someone please push Summer in the pool? And the Ashbys and the Hamiltons? WHO will feel sorry for Summer when she gets played again? Or is Luca going to turn into a boy scout? Whatever happened to Marisa and Noah anyway? I don’t miss them – I just want them shoved in the pool also. Oh look – Dr Shelby – is Leslie around? Get the Barton’s to the pool STAT!