Monday, October 17th

Something’s out there! Sharon’s sure – a person. As Nick goes to check, Paul appears at the front door – what’s going on? No, it wasn’t him Sharon saw – he didn’t pass by the window. Both Sharon and Mariah are on edge. It’s just a flashdrive, Phyllis tells Billy... Read more

Friday, October 10th

I need help! Sharon calls as she carries a big Halloween decoration through the front door. Running down in a towel, Nick ends up on the floor. Sharon’s laughing at him as Kevin and Mariah walk in. At the penthouse, Chloe sews a costume as she babbles to Chelsea about... Read more

Thursday, October 13th

At BnS, Cane ends a call with Vikki – tonight will be as big as it gets. He then reassures Billy that his ad buys aren’t a gamble – sales will go through the roof. We don’t have a roof – literally, Jill frets that the roll-out scheduled to take... Read more

Wednesday, October 12th

You recognize me! Paul’s ‘so happy’ – and impressed with Patty’s paintings. She then gives him a present; a painting of dark angry splotches. ‘Stonevale is a secure facility’, a nervous and babbling Mariah is informed by guards as she balks at going through a metal detector. Love you! Sharon... Read more

Tuesday, October 11th

After a school field trip, Nick’s brought Faith to CL’s. Sure, they can hang out a bit longer – he’ll call to let Mommy know. She probably won’t answer her phone, Faith tells her Dad about the crank calls that have her Mom ‘spooked’. At the station, Paul needs Dylan... Read more

Monday, October 10th

** Yesterday was delayed due to it being Thanksgiving here in Canada ** Bumping into Billy as he comes down from his suite, Victor assumes Jill kicked him out after seeing the video. What video? Billy wonders. At home, Vikki watches video online of Billy and Travis’ bar-fight. She rants... Read more

Friday, October 7th

Vikki’s all in a huff because Travis and Billy got arrested for a bar fight. Discreetly signaling her cameraman, Hilary thinks that awful – do you think the fight started because of you? Through the bar cells, Paul asks the bickering Billy and Travis how the fight started. It was... Read more

Thursday, October 6th

Be safe South Carolina, Florida and anyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew. My thoughts are with you. At Brash n Sassy, Cane wants foul-mood Billy to be on his best behavior for their interview with the new GC Buzz (they only want good publicity for the new campaign) Billy... Read more

Wednesday, October 5th

At the park, Ashley denies sending Travis flowers. She did tell her friend Michelle that he’s working at NE and doesn’t think he’s being honest with everyone about why he left Wall Street. Nikki and Vikki are at the club chatting about Travis getting along well with Victor – he... Read more

Tuesday, October 4th

At the station, Mariah sneaks off to leave Sharon yet another urgent ‘call me’ message. Visiting Patty, Sharon wouldn’t want to jeopardize her progress so hasn’t told anyone about the calls. Patty isn’t worried – your oven wasn’t baking any bun. Soon the whole world will know that baby’s not... Read more