Thursday, December 1st

Kevin’s at the studio to chat with Chloe (who again defends Sharon and her decision to let her see Christian – then whines about Kevin supporting Mariah and not her)

We tried our best to be fair, Hilary tells Detective McAvoy. He’s not here about our coverage of Sharon, Mariah informs. Dylan explains that he’s there to tell his story. Mariah lays out the rules for Hilary – have some respect. Hilary agrees – mic him up (and cue the mischievous smirk)

No, Kevin didn’t leave – he’s where he wants to be. We don’t have to agree on everything. After he says enough of the right things, Chloe gives Kev a hug.

Oh look who’s babysitting – Leah. Faith says her good bye’s to Chelsea (who’s then invited to go along with Nick) You have my cell, a nervous Nick repeats to Leah – what could go wrong? See you soon.

Hilary introduces Dylan to her viewers; the man who found out his son is really his nephew. This is quite a story – where do we start? Dylan explains why he and Sharon should have a small role in the boy’s life. How could you stand by and forgive this woman? Hilary asks – is it because of Sharon’s history of mental illness? Dylan stands by his wife because he loves her – we’re in this together.

Sharon insists on filing for divorce right away – it’ll go through with or without Dylan’s cooperation. The sooner you file, the sooner the Judge will give him visitation. Mike agrees to do it but it’s a mistake she’ll regret he’s sure.

Hilary’s not happy to overhear Mariah on the phone reporting to Devon that she kept her (Hilary) in line. I was just talking to Kevin, Mariah lies. Hilary thanks Mariah for bringing Dylan in – you won’t regret it. Polite for once, Hilary sends Mariah out for food (but again is left to look like she’s up to something)

Paul’s the next person happy to find Mike at CL’s. He’s concerned that Sharon will violate the restraining order but doesn’t want to arrest his son’s wife. That won’t be the case, Mike gives it away that he knows something Paul doesn’t.

Dylan comes home to tell Sharon that he let Hilary interview him. It could help with the public and the Judge. We need to get a divorce, Sharon blurts out.

At the outdoor cafe, Nick thanks Chelsea for coming out with him. ‘Normal’ seems a way off but we’re getting there.