Thursday, December 1st

Playing cards with Leah, Faith is the one to notice something’s wrong. Christian!! she dives at him.

Kevin and Chloe enjoy snuggling on the sofa at the studio. Hearing she’s going to look at an apartment, Kevin again asks her to move in. Yes, let’s give it a shot, Chloe agrees ~kiss~

Looking over an editor’s shoulder, Mariah’s NOT happy to see that the interview’s been edited to make it sound like Dylan’s not standing by Sharon. That’s NOT how it was supposed to be!

Mike doesn’t want to break client/lawyer privilege but does so anyway. Paul thinks divorce makes sense but Dylan’s not the kind of man who’d let Sharon do that for him.

Sharon tells Dylan that he has a better shot at visitation if she divorces him. I have to go.

Nick and Chelsea are leaving the park when Leah calls. I’m on my way! Nick tells Chelsea they have to go.

Faith calls Sharon in tears to say that they’re at the hospital – Christian’s in trouble. Dylan and I are on our way, Sharon replies as both head for the door.

Next: You twisted everything, Mariah barks. And it works, Hilary grins – that’s why I’m the boss…. Surprise! Kevin has a box in his hand (at the penthouse) Wait – you went through my closet!? Chloe’s not happy … Are you saying my son has food allergies and you two didn’t tell me about it?! Nick snarls at Dylan and Sharon.

My Thoughts: OK – we get it; GC Buzz is a cool, hip place to work. The big balance ball chair, the bearded hipster (better groomed than most of the women), the guy riding his bike through the workplace. But how did they get stuff to stick to the front of their stainless fridge? Magnets don’t work and don’t use tape (and don’t use anything abrasive when you DO use tape and it leaves sticky residue. Trust me on this) How does Hilary think she’ll get away with editing Dylan’s interview 180 degrees? Looks like Devon will need to settle another lawsuit … Knowing Hilary was at the hearing, why wouldn’t Nick have GC Buzz blocked on his computers? Or tell Faith about the restraining order before she heard it elsewhere? With all the expensive nannies who probably have degrees in early childhood education, why hire a nitwit like Leah? …. Funny that Mike would ask Sharon why she’d divorce someone who’s totally devoted to her considering he tried to do the same thing with Lauren in order to spare her his cancer (that’s never been mentioned since going into remission like Mike was just shaking off a cold)