Tuesday, December 13th

Jack suggests to Hilary that she should work away from her husband.

Lily tries to reason with Devon, saying Hilary is to blame for the shows decreasing ratings. Devon says it’s about his marraige and the show, both at which are deteriorating.

Victor suggests that Nick hand down the Underground to Noah, as it would benefit Christian and Faith. Nick reminds Victor of their history while working at Newman together, – and there’s a lot of it. – Victor however offers to step down from Newman, surprising Nick and Nikki.

Hilary says she could see herself working for another show as a host, but is struggling to make the decision to physically move on, since it’s where she found out who she truly was and got her start in front of the camera. Jack says he would be willing to help her get set up with an agent.

Devon checks up on Mariah, asking her to rejoin the show. He promises no more red carpets or live shows however she is absolutely against coming back. Devon goes even further to promise that once he finds a replacement, he will make her a segment producer as she originally wanted. This sparks her interest, and as a kicker he offers to increase her rate of pay.

Victor finally sits down, describing more in detail what he plans for his future away from Newman. Nikki and Nick are uninterested, knowing that Victor has contemplated leaving the company time and time again. Sharon and Faith arrive at Nikki’s, and in an awkward encounter, Nikki suggests bringing Faith home herself so Sharon doesn’t have to come back. Faith greets Victor while Sharon, Nikki and Nick all exchange awkward glances at one another. Sharon tries to make arrangements with Nick for Faith’s Christmas show, but is ushered out by Nikki who is eager for her to leave. On the way out, Nikki reveals that Nick never came to the main house, as Sharon had thought.

Hilary meets with an agent, Barry, at the bar. Lily sees the two talking while walking by. Hilary explains that she has no contract with GC Buzz – only a marriage contract – and is looking for a new job.

On the set of GC Buzz, Mariah relives her accident on the red carpet, which causes her to leave once again, to Devon’s dismay.