Tuesday, December 13th

Dylan and Sharon meet for lunch. She asks where he went the day he said he was going to the main house. Dylan explains that he tried to go thank Nikki for her support, however he was unable to muster up the courage to knock on the door when he saw Nikki and Nick in a family hug, celebrating.

Lily and Jack meet to discuss the foundation event, however Jack is preoccupied with the eviction notice he plans to present to Billy and Victoria. Lily offers to come back another time.

Devon tries to get Mariah to stay, however Mariah insists that hosting isn’t what she is passionate about. Hilary waltzes in, unhappy to see Mariah. She asks how her face is, and Mariah tells Hilary about her promotion to segment producer. Devon asks for a word with Hilary, but before they walk off, Hilary tells Mariah that’s it’s not too late to put some ice on her face.

Sharon reassures Dylan that he is not alone, that he has her, Paul and Mariah. It’s evident that Dylan is having difficulty accepting that he isn’t going to be prioritized by Nikki over Victoria and Nick. However he acknowledges that he is happy with his own family, and is ready to move on without Sully and the support of Nikki.

Faith sings along to Nikki’s piano playing while Nick and Victor listen on. Faith asks to skip her riding lesson because of the cold. Instead, Victor and her look at the Christmas gifts under the tree. Victor explains to Faith that he never received any presents on Christmas since he had to grow up in an orphanage because of how poor his mother was. Faith embraces him in a long hug.

Devon tries compromise with Hilary, telling her she has to fix her tone on the air. Devon receives a phone call from Barry, Hilary’s agent, asking if she is completely off the show so she is able to review new TV show offers. From a distance, Hilary looks on with an elaborate smile.

Sharon and Dylan take notice on the silence of their home, with Sully gone and Faith spending most of her time with Nick.

Nikki tells Nick that maybe he should consider Victor’s offer as it seems his is turning over a new leaf.