Tuesday, January 3rd

JT has no idea what to do with the son he’s butting heads with. Reed feels he comes behind Mac, his siblings and JT’s work. Billy knows that big-hearted Vikki can connect with Reed; he’s a good kid. What if I can’t? she worries.

Phyllis reassures Lauren that everything will be fine. This is my Father’s legacy, I can’t let him down – Lauren wants to hear all about Fenmore’s new online presence. OK, but over coffee, Phyllis leads her off.

Ashley and Abby are stunned that Phyllis made a clean break (and didn’t ask for half the company) No champagne, there’s work to be done, Jack poops on their party. After Abby leaves he wants to talk to Ash about the ‘vulnerable’ Fenmores. It’s time to make our move.

In the lounge, Ben tries to convince Hilary to go home and not blame herself. No, he can’t guarantee that Devon will be OK – we’ll do our best. As Hilary breaks down, Ben declares Devon a lucky man. I need to see him – NOW, Hilary orders (for some reason Ben finds her stubbornness charming)

When Jack lists all the reasons to acquire Fenmores, Ashley adds that he’d get to stick it to Billy by breaking BnS’s exclusive contract with Fenmore’s. It’s just business, Jack claims. We have a lot of other irons in the fire, Ashley is reluctant – and isn’t sure Lauren will sell. She won’t have a choice, Jack says (then leaves as Ravi arrives) Ash is glad he’s there – we need to talk about New Year’s Eve.

Vikki’s not sure she’s prepared to have her teenage son living with her. You’re a fantastic Mother, you’ll be fine, Billy’s sure. Vikki already feels overwhelmed with two young kids and a demanding job. As Billy offers to help out, Reed arrives to be smothered with Motherly kisses. He toured GC High and is all set. This is going to be awesome. Vikki’s smile is forced.

Chris wonders why Paul’s no longer confident in Dylan. You’re thinking like a Dad. Paul hopes Dylan isn’t just trying to escape the pain of losing Christian. He’ll handle it and come home safely, Chris reassures with a hug.

At the club, Phyllis presents the new platform that will blow customers away. Based on JabotGlo’s app, Phyllis explains that Fenmore’s customers can upload a photo and see the clothes on themselves. And this is just the beginning – Fenmores will provide the ultimate experience. Further excited to hear that it’ll be up and running before the launch of their President’s Day sale, Lauren thanks her friend. Phyllis appreciates the chance to show what she can do and help her BFF at the same time. Lauren will come up with the funds; she’ll keep her company and her Father’s legacy alive.

Arriving at the club, Jack joins Nikki at the bar to chit chat about the foundation, and the deal that’s allowing BnS to stay at Jabot. It pleased Victor to help Vikki, Nikki smiles. It pleased Victor to extort me, Jack adds – and warns that he won’t give the competitor any more breaks. Nikki doesn’t expect him to (and fully expects BnS to give as good as they get)

Back in the lab, Reed updates that he’s taking every music class GC High offers. Sports? No, he hasn’t played baseball since 7th grade. That tournament Vikki came to was three years ago. As Vikki looks sheepish, Billy and Reed speak in guitar lingo.

At Devon’s bedside, Hilary snivels and sniffles – this is where I belong – where I always belonged. There’s no place in the world she’d rather be. You always stood by me, protected me, believed in me, loved me – more than I deserve. She wouldn’t blame him for walking away when he wakes up. But that doesn’t matter – Hilary will not leave Devon here alone.

Ravi wants to speak first – I don’t know what I was thinking, kissing you like that. You’re my boss – beautiful and amazing. Oops – that was inappropriate. If my parents knew about this…. I love working for you. This is the best job I ever had. Handed a letter or resignation, Ashley rips it up. No, she doesn’t want Ravi gone. Let’s just blame it on the champagne. You’re an integral part of our team – just don’t kiss the boss. Ravi won’t disappoint Ashley (who’s confident he won’t)