Tuesday, January 3rd

Catching Jack looking across the room at Phyllis, Nikki asks how HE is (not Jabot) No need to apologize for being distracted by Phyllis (still sitting with Lauren) – Nikki can’t imagine how Jack feels around her after all she’s done.

Likewise, Lauren catches Phyllis sneaking glances at Jack. How did he take you quitting? You fought so hard to stay at Jabot (and with Jack) Do you really have no regrets?

Can he hear me? Hilary asks. He’s pretty sedated, Ben continues to suggest Hilary take care of herself. You need food and rest. What if he wakes up? What if something happens? Hilary cries. Ben basically says that it’d be nice if Devon woke up to see his wife not looking like crap. He’ll call if anything changes.

In the park, Paul gets a text and updates Chris – Elvis has entered the building (Kevin’s code for Dylan arriving safely)

Vikki continues to watch as Billy amuses Reed with cringe-worthy air guitar riffs. That’s not as loud as the real thing right? Getting a call from an old friend, Reed leaves. I don’t know my own son, Vikki sadly realizes. Billy thinks both she and Reed lucky. Let the adventure begin, Vikki pastes on a brave smile.

Ashley can’t give Ravi feedback later – she has dinner plans. Have fun, Ravi chirps as she exits the office – then is left to scold himself for his eager words.

Phyllis has regrets but leaving Jabot isn’t one of them. She was fighting for something that no longer exists. You still love him? Lauren wonders. Phyllis is regaining her dignity and can’t remember the last time she felt this good.

Over at the bar, Nikki never thought she’d see the day when Phyllis admitted defeat and thinks Jack needs time to heal. Hiding behind work can be just as damaging as addiction. Jack claims he’s a new man – soon you’ll all see that I’m at the top of my game.

Next: Kevin and Chloe nearly choke on their coffee when Gloria makes an announcement – I’m going to stop by the design studio and brighten Chelsea’s day by going back to work …. Sharon’s not impressed to walk in and see Nick and Chelsea hugging … Can you hear me? Ben stands over Devon (who’s trying to speak and open his eyes) Come on pal. You can do this.

My Thoughts: Billionaire Devon, owner of GC Buzz is in the hospital fighting for his life after crashing a Ferrari he bid 300K on and not one member of the press is interested enough to come looking for the story? Not even GC Buzz itself? Has anyone called Yolanda? Or Tucker? How about that hot Aunt Tyra that both Devon and Neil had sex with? Or Ana, Devon’s singing sensation half sister? … Dylan going undercover is shaping up to be the worst kept secret in town. Sharon suddenly can’t lie to save her life. And why would Dylan not leave his wedding ring, wallet/badge and phone upstairs in his bedside table? And turning it off since he’s not using it. But yeah, let’s send the guy undercover who just did an interview on GC Buzz to get his story out ‘to the world’. What could possibly go wrong? …. Why are Abby and Ashley suggesting champagne to celebrate Phyllis leaving – did they forgot that Jack’s a recovering addict? I mean, he does run a foundation and all. What great PR it’ll be for the foundation when it’s revealed that Devon had alcohol in his system when crashing his auction prize … Wait, what? If Brash n Sassy has an exclusive deal with Fenmores how can it be posting incredible sales figures if Fenmores is tanking? Good thing Chelsea rejected Lauren’s idea to flog her frocks exclusively through her failing store. Why hasn’t Jill been notified? Funny that Lauren now talks about her Father’s legacy. I predict Lauren will confront Jack by saying that he of all people should know what it means to continue a Father’s legacy.