Tuesday, March 21st

We’re friends, this is just dinner, Mariah reminds Devon that he’s her boss and her co-hosts ex. Yes, she’s a bit afraid of Hilary. But OK, maybe this is a date. Devon’s amused when she again talks about rich people – and tells her that he grew up poor too. Deciding to go to Underground instead, they grab their coats and leave laughing.

Hilary and Jordan are still at GC Buzz. She and Devon will be officially over soon – but we’ve been over for a while. She wants to celebrate – at Underground.

Chloe still in the ladies room, Scott tells Kevin that she’s OK. She’s a fighter, Kevin raves – he has no idea how she healed. She seems to know how and exactly when, Scott’s interrupted when Nick arrives to introduce Chelsea. Good to see you in one piece. A drunken Chloe comes over to latch onto Chelsea – she’s been through so much, it’s awful.

In Jack’s office, Billy confronts him and Gloria – do you think Vikki found a way to stick it to you? Clarissa? That’s right – Vikki has the video and isn’t afraid to use it. All three march out.

After Kevin coaxes Chloe into going home, Chelsea tells Nick this might not be such a good idea. On their way out, Kevin introduces Scott to fellow journalist Mariah (who’s a big fan) At the bar, Hilary just loves the vibe at Underground. You sure about that? Jordan looks over at the foursome (specifically Devon and Mariah)

In the back of a cab on their way home, Chloe rambles about being pushy – I’d hate me. She gushes about Kevin loving Bella – you’re always waiting, never pressuring me to come around. Have you come around? Kevin wonders. Something’s changed? Chloe’s too drunk to continue a serious conversation.

Back at Underground, Chelsea again whines about people comforting her; she’s going home – Nick’s told to stay ~kiss~ Scott then joins Nick (who tells him that Chelsea’s husband, his brother, was killed in a freak accident – it’s hard to get closure when you don’t have all the answers)

Drinks in hand, Jordan suggests they either say hi to Devon and Mariah or pretend they aren’t here. Hilary informs that she wants GC Buzz as her divorce settlement – to make it HER success. Devon and Mariah look spot them glaring from across the bar. If this were a real date, I’d be a pile of ashes, Mariah quips.