Tuesday, March 21st

Get off the phone, Jack orders Vikki (in her office) You don’t want to play this game, he warns. As Gloria and Billy watch on, Vikki hits play on the laptop – seems like your face and name never made it to air, but she plans to show the world what a snake Jack is.

Now home, Chelsea mopes over a framed photo of Adam and Connor’s toy dinosaur (which leads to a flashback of packing up to run away)

Nick wraps up the story of the cabin going up in flames in front of him and Chelsea. When my Dad gets involved things get complicated. Scott owes him – Victor saved him and is looking into Ahmed’s whereabouts. Chloe sure can talk, he adds. What’d she say? Nick’s curious.

Jack and Vikki continue to butt heads; her dirty trick vs. his. Taking Billy’s deal is a shabby move – not the only sleazy move you’ve made) What does Vikki want? Call Hershel and make sure the contract goes back to Billy, she orders Jack.

Jack obediently calls Hershel to say he’s taking his hat out of the ring – what the hell more does Vikki want? An apology to Billy for a dirty move that’s an insult to John Abbott’s legacy. Fine, Jack admits it was a cheap shot. Vikki hands Jack the flashdrive – there are no copies; she doesn’t do business in the gutter. After Jack and Gloria leave, Billy credits Vikki and questions her defending him like that.

Jordan almost feels bad for Devon (having to negotiate with Hilary) He likes a woman who knows what she wants. Across the bar, Mariah thinks Devon needs a real date. Listing all his qualities, she knows any girl would kill to be in her place. As she plants a kiss on Devon, Hilary’s smile vanishes.

Scott relays that something happened a few months ago that enabled Chloe to get her life back together again. When exactly? Nick asks. Six months ago.

As Chelsea continues to mope at home, Kevin climbs into bed with Chloe (who’s awakens from a nightmare of the explosion) It looks like she won’t be going back to sleep anytime soon.

Next: If that explosion wasn’t a fluke, what caused it?! Nikki forcefully asks Nick …. Chloe shocks Chelsea – I’m not talking about Nick. I’m talking about Adam. He’s linked to that money – you can’t keep it! …. At the club, Mike thinks Kevin’s already there; in love with Chloe – living with her. I’m gonna ask her to marry me, Kevin decides.