Wednesday, March 22nd

Chloe drops by the penthouse with forms for Chelsea to sign – and questions. Hearing that Nick signed over the inheritance, Chloe forcefully orders her to give it back. The money’s linked to Adam – you can’t keep it.

Adam and Sage scammed that old lady – you can’t take the money, Chloe’s just looking out for Chelsea. It’s not healthy to obsess about Adam. You DID get closure – in a cabin with a beautiful view of the lake. How did you know it had a view of the lake? You told me, Chloe remembers (though Chelsea doesn’t) When Nick arrives, Chloe looks worried as Chelsea hugs him.

Back at the club, Kevin insists that he and Chloe can make it work this time. Mike doesn’t think the unstable Chloe’s ready (and may never be) Kevin claims that she’s healthy now. Mike thinks Adam’s death helped with that. What does that mean!? Kevin squawks.

Scott returns to tell Sharon that his walk did indeed help – he’s taking a different approach. He then leaves his laptop to help Sharon on hers. It’s an essay for psych class, she quips that she’s well versed on that subject.

Gloria barges into the conference room to tell Vikki that the interview was a complete fabrication – Jack didn’t do what she accused him of. You’re quite a piece of work, Vikki snarls – and no, that’s NOT a compliment.

In Jack’s office, Billy tries to make amends. Why continue this war? It’s a waste energy – we can be brothers, not enemies. You’re behaving just like Victor. Get. Out, Jack snaps.

Scott gives Sharon help with her essay – which, in his professional opinion, is good. Sharon confides that she’s insecure because people have been putting her down her whole life. Time to hang out with different people, Scott says nonchalantly as he leaves Sharon to react as if a light bulb above her head has been switched on.

Gloria claims that Jack was just being honest with the hockey director – gambling is a big no-no. He did Billy a favour by bringing it into the open. Way to spin it, Vikki thinks that if ‘Glo’ really cares about Jack she’ll get him to drop his vendetta against Billy – her false accusations against Jack do a disservice to REAL victims. Get Jack to back off, Vikki reiterates – she won’t hold back next time.

Downstairs, Jack boasts that he wanted to mess with Billy and went out his way to tank his deal. You’re your own worst enemy. You’ll screw up – as usual, he’s sure. On his way out, Billy delivers the last blow – thank Gloria for enabling my deal – buy her a nice bottle of wine.

At Top of the Tower, Jack orders a ‘Scotch, neat’ then snaps at Nikki (whose denies her politely enquiry about his business trip is a scolding for missing the opera event) She then informs that Ashley took Ravi as her date. He sure didn’t look like a ‘computer nerd’. Wow, you ARE in a mood – usually, only Victor can do that to you, she irritates him further.

Heading off to the airport for his business trip, Billy first stops by the office to thank Vikki for letting him run with this idea. She thinks he’s the right man to lead the way. Billy also wants to finish the conversation about the way Vikki defended him.

Back at the club, Kevin admits that Chloe has issues. Mike admits she’s been more stable since Adam ‘left us’. Kevin wants the life he was cheated of – this time with Chloe and Bella. He’s turned his life around; like Mike has. Why is it so hard to believe that Chloe has too?