Wednesday, March 22nd

After Chelsea runs up to chat with the nanny, Chloe tells Nick that he’s a good man (like Kevin) – it’s time for Chelsea to move on from Adam. She’s mildly insulted when Nick sees no reason for Chelsea to forget all about Adam (instead of thanking her) Left to ponder over Connor’s blue dinosaur, Nick flashes back to Connor taking it the night of the explosion – and looks at the door with a puzzled look.

When Mike continues to cast doubt on Chloe’s mental stability, Kevin thinks he’d be crazy NOT to propose. Conceding defeat, Mike wants it done right – beautiful ring, romantic setting etc. Of course he’s in his brother’s corner ~hug~

Chloe’s at CL’s for a hangover cure. She and Kevin are doing great – let’s hope I don’t blow it up this time. Sharon admits she was a mess when Dylan left but didn’t break down. And she can recommend a good therapist if Chloe hasn’t found one yet in GC. Chloe’s already seeing someone. Nearby, Scott eavesdrops.

Chelsea apologizes for screwing up last night. Nick understands – this is Connor’s favourite toy right? Yes, he doesn’t go anywhere without it, Chelsea replies. Nick will repair the hole – stuffing’s coming out. What’s that? she asks when he pulls out a small gadget. I was about to ask you, Nick answers.

Ordering another drink, Jack asks what Victor’s so busy with these days. Has he retired? Nikki’s just glad to have time with her husband. Jack misses the Nikki who wasn’t just an appendage of Victor’s. He leaves when she calls him a ball of resentment looking for company.

Billy found Vikki defending him ‘endearing’ – it came from your heart. Am I wrong? That’s what I thought, he adds when Vikki remains silent. Kissing her, he’s the one to break it off. I have to catch my flight. Vikki’s left looking troubled.

Next: Is that what you’re worried about? That I’m falling for Hilary? Well, are you? Lily asks Jordan … There’s nobody I’d rather do this with than you – whaddaya say? Devon asks Neil…. Kevin pops a box open to reveal a ring – Chloe, will you marry me? Chloe looks less than pleased.

My Thoughts: Why would Nick have to sew up a ripped dinosaur? Isn’t Chelsea the seamstress? …. Could the writers be any less subtle? Is there any doubt that Chloe’s involvement in Adam’s death is about to be exposed? Poor Kevin – I guess hanging around detectives hasn’t increased his intuition. He’ll again be the last one to realize that his beloved Chloe is still a mental wreck. The first to piece this mystery together will probably be intrepid reporter and obvious eavesdropper Scott. Odd that Mike all but calls Chloe a mental case then is all onboard with Kevin proposing – but he must make her feel needed and loved? Needed for what? … Why aren’t any of GC’s reporters on hand to see Jack boozing it up – and ask the Foundation co-founder why he’s suddenly not abstaining from alcohol. Why do he and Ashley frequent a business owned by Victor? Why didn’t Jack make a beeline to GC Buzz to ask his gal pal Hilary how Vikki got her hands on Gloria’s interview? You’d think he’d be curious to say the least. How does he know others don’t have copies?