Thursday, March 30th

Chloe orders Kevin NOT to look at her wedding dress (hanging in a garment bag on a rack) You can see it on me tomorrow. As her babbling verges on panic, Kevin wonders why she’s in such a rush to get married.

You think Chloe killed Adam? Sharon’s stunned – I thought she worked through her rage. Chelsea did too, Nick admits – She can’t fathom that her best friend killed Adam. Sharon doesn’t remember Dylan even mentioning Chloe as a suspect. Wait, Chloe did come into CL’s all hungover the other day – she said she was worried that her past issues may ruin her life. Nick saw her at Underground the other night. Per Scott, Chloe said she got her life back together 6 months ago. She must be ….. Crazy? Like me? Sharon balks.

In Victor’s office, Scott’s decided to start his interviews with Abby. Recorder on he asks ‘what’s it like to be Victor’s youngest child? Specifically, what it’s like not being raised as a Newman’?

Cane can’t believe it happened. Juliet reminds of the earring and camisole she left behind – you’re in denial. No bid deal – she won’t go all Fatal Attraction on him. When did you get so uptight? When I realized I was unfaithful, Cane replies. Lily appears all smiles – hey handsome.

Still in the conference room, Vikki tells her Dad about hiring an experienced candidate over Juliet. She then mentions Abby’s paranoia – she blames me for her project being rejected. Victor thinks Abby just needs more time. Or maybe she doesn’t have a killer instinct, Vikki suggests. You mean like you and me? Victor chuckles.

Recorder on, Abby tells Scott that she and her Dad haven’t always been as close as they are now (her Naked Heiress days and suing him over mismanaging her trust) People don’t always take me seriously – Abby must prove herself every day. Sharing a memory of Victor taking her to meet the Queen, Abby was given a tiara, Dad said I was his Princess – then went back to his ‘real family’. She likes to think of herself as an ambassador to both families – but doesn’t feel fully accepted by either.

Lily raves to Juliet about how Cane raved about HER – whatever you did made a lasting impression on him. Taking Cane’s hint, Juliet leaves Lily to wonder why he was so anxious to get rid of her.

The awkwardness was because Cane had just told Juliet that she didn’t get the job. Lily thinks that too bad – it was classy of Cane to tell her in person. After Lily leaves for a fitting, Cane gets a call from Vikki; she’s hiring Juliet for marketing. No, not in Tokyo – here in GC. Cane does NOT look happy.

Nikki’s the love of my Dad’s life – he favours his kids with her, Abby understands. Adam? He was complicated; spent his life trying to get Dad’s approval. She then describes Victor as a challenging boss. She’d like to think Scott’s right (that he’s grooming her to take over) but you can never tell with Victor. Speak of the devil, Victor arrives and suggests Scott talk to Vikki next (Abby grits her teeth)

Still at the studio, Chloe declares her love for Kevin. She once pushed him away, wasted so much time – I don’t need a big wedding; just Bella, our best friends and family. Most of all, I need you – in tears and on bended knee, Chloe asks Kevin to marry her – tomorrow.

Nick’s now even more convinced that Chloe killed Adam. But you were wrong about Daniel when Cassie died, Sharon reminds. Nick can’t go to the police – because of Kevin – and they might find out that Victor busted Adam out of prison. Paul’s your best bet, Sharon insists.

Abby tells Victor that Scott’s easy to talk to – she told him what a wonderful Father he is etc. etc. So, you were with Vikki, she pouts. Victor clarifies that Abby’s NOT in competition with Vikki. Follow your gut instincts. That’s exactly what Abby needed to hear.