Thursday, March 30th

Cane’s now in Vikki’s office to discreetly put the kaibosh on her hiring Juliet. She’ll fit right in, Vikki’s sure. OK, Cane sighs.

Behind the counter, Sharon finds an apron with Dylan’s name on it. Hugging it, she has a weepy moment – and is still crying when Scott sits her down. What’s wrong?

Cane’s not sure Juliet would want to relocate to GC. You’re the one who pushed for her, Vikki reminds – is there something I should know?

Told that Abby got along well with Scott, Victor suggests they next meet for dinner at Top of The Tower. Are you trying to set me up? Abby chuckles. As Victor signs paperwork, she distracts him by saying that Scott is cute. In the hallway, she makes a call – I’ve received funds for the MG Warehouse purchase – for the start up companies. I’m moving forward with my project.

Sharon apologizes for falling apart – then tells Scott that she found an apron with Dylan’s name on it. It snowballed and she thought of other people she’s lost. Scott understands. How does he deal with it? Being with friends I DO have, he leans Sharon into his shoulder.

Kevin doesn’t care about Chloe’s past – starting now we only look forward, to OUR future. We’re going to have an extraordinary life together. I can’t wait to marry you – tomorrow ~kiss~

Nick barges into Paul’s office – he can’t stop thinking about how Adam died. I don’t think it was an accident. The case was closed months ago, Paul points out. What would it take to reopen the investigation? Nick needs to know what really happened.

Next: I want to clarify, I didn’t force Cane to do anything, Juliet tells Lily ….You know your dress isn’t finished right? Why the hurry all of a sudden? Chelsea asks Chloe … There’s something you’re not telling me. I think it’s a name. Who do you think did this? Paul asks Nick.