Friday, April 21st

Chris drops by the Baldwin apartment to pressure Scott (who rudely reiterates that his answer is no) You’d be helping so many people, she insists he hear her out on this mission. This time SHE’D be his handler. Scott’s answer is still no.

Jack’s with ‘Farah’ outside a warehouse that she claims is already sold – but not sold, sold. She can’t tell him who the new owner is. Stepping aside, she gets a call – of course I can expedite that. You’re in luck – the new owner wants to sell, Farah tells Jack.

In Jack’s office, Ashley won’t tell Phyllis anything about her time in NY with Ravi (who stares at her through the open door and flashes back to the kiss) Ashley then turns to lock eyes with him.

Tessa plays with Christian and gets a message on her laptop.

In Paul’s office, Billy gripes about Chloe’s ‘who’s the Daddy’ game. Paul reports that Billy’s letter was from the Caymans. The courier told him that the mailings were paid in cash. It’s a goose chase. Kevin continues to defend Chloe – she told him Bella’s Father was a one night stand. So some third guy might have a letter? Billy’s pissed.

Nick returns to the ranch to find Tessa holding and singing to Christian. He thinks she has real talent. Tessa hopes he’ll keep her in mind as a babysitter; she could use the cash. He will.

Ashley confides to Ravi that he thinks Abby’s in over her head.

Outside the warehouse, Abby apologizes to Farah and is thrilled to hear she already has a new buyer for the space. Who is it? Jack walks out. Both are surprised to see one another.

Billy doesn’t understand why Kevin’s defending Chloe. If she’s found, he wants her charged with fraud etc. He lost Delia too – he didn’t take his grief out by killing anyone. You had an affair with your brother’s wife! Kevin claims that Bella’s better off with him. Paul referees – don’t take it out on each other. It doesn’t look like anyone’s going anywhere until they know who fathered Bella.

Next: I’ve been feeling kinda lonely. I was hoping you could set me up with one of your girlfriends, Scott surprises Lauren by saying … Jack tells Abby – I’m not signing anything until you tell me what’s really going on…. Paul rejoins Kevin and Billy with envelopes in his hand; the results. But no, he doesn’t know who the Father is.