Friday, April 21st

Ashley’s surprised to hear that Victor left town and put Abby in charge. No one knows where he is. She doesn’t care about Newman – they need to find a realtor (since BnS is in their lab) Ashley’s happy to be working with Jack now that he’s dropped his vendetta.

The opera wasn’t a date, Ravi tells Phyllis – but OK, he and Ashley had fun. Phyllis doesn’t enjoy casual dating – she likes the comfort of the ‘familiar’. Abby passes by to see her Mom in Jack’s office (and is asked about Victor putting her in charge) he believes in me, Abby doesn’t want to betray her Dad’s trust and feels there’s a hidden reason she was put in charge.

Scott wasn’t talking about writing Victor’s bio – but Nikki did try to get him to quit. He doesn’t want to come between her and Victor. Mike warns that Newman conflicts are complex. Nikki seems worried about something, Scott then talks about staying in GC, maybe starting a relationship. Kevin then shows up needing to speak to Mike – alone.

Nick’s at the station updating Paul that he didn’t get Chloe’s confession on tape. He hands Paul what he does have – the bag she dumped.

Now alone, Kevin and Mike discuss Chloe’s letter and the possibility that Bella’s his. Kevin’s overwhelmed and plans to take a paternity test asap – but does he tell Paul about this letter? Yes, Mike thinks Chloe needs help. Plus, Kevin could end up behind bars too if he doesn’t show Paul.

Paul declares Nick’s evidence circumstantial and Chloe’s confession to Chelsea is hearsay. When Paul brings up Victor, Nick abruptly changes the subject and leaves.

Back at Jabot, Ravi tells Phyllis about the altercation with the arrogant Benjamin. Ashley was impressed. Phyllis is impressed too – and would like to see a ‘warmer fuzzier’ Ashley.

In Jack’s office, Abby wonders why Victor would turn her ‘tech incubator’ idea down then leave her in charge. Ashley worked on the JabotGo app in private but told him BEFORE going ahead with it. She tries to be honest. Abby looks guilty and worrying she’s made a huge mistake, hurries out.

Kevin and Mike have brought Chloe’s letter to Paul. He’ll have the paternity test expedited; they’ll know if Kevin’s a Father in a couple of hours. The letter was sent from Malta. Paul wonders how Chloe made it that far. Billy arrives to announce that he got a letter stating he might be Bella’s Father (which throws Kevin for a loop)

Phyllis sends a text to Billy – any news yet? When Ravi happens by, she asks if she’s anything like Ashley. Honestly, yes – you’re both intelligent, beautiful. And make bad choices in men? Phyllis adds. She’s happy but scared it’ll fall apart. Ravi thinks both deserve happiness – enjoy it.