Monday, May 8th

Neil and Devon can’t believe they acquired a company so tailor made to theirs (streaming music online) They’re musing over Dina’s young assistant, Hilary suddenly marches into the penthouse to blast Devon for giving her clothes to that ‘thirsty bitch’!

Hilary glosses over why her hair’s messed and clothes ripped. Devon realizes he needs to change his locks. Wishing them good luck, Neil leaves the exes to shout at one another. Deciding she WILL find someplace to store her clothes, Hilary heads up the stairs, pausing at the spot Devon and Mariah made out on last night.

As Tessa takes a break to count the change in her guitar case, Kevin’s now seated with Mariah (who’s so happy to hear that Bella’s his) Mariah’s explains that her good mood is due to Devon. Look at us – the town misfits are growing up. After Kevin leaves to fetch Bella, Mariah goes over to toss some money in Tessa’s case and is surprised to hear that she performed with Nikki last night.

Nick worries that helping Tessa will add to Nikki’s stress. Assured it won’t, he thinks Tessa lucky to have his Mom in her corner. They then joke about Noah having a crush on her. Nick reports that all is well with Chelsea – Dad won’t mess this up for us.

Dayum girl – this is a step up from the last place we were together, Jordan’s impressed by Chelsea’s penthouse. Neither wants their past ‘collaborations’ to be known but it wouldn’t be odd for us to know another. Turns out that Chelsea needs something and Jordan’s the only one who can help her.

Having heard the whole Adam/Chloe story, Jordan’s sorry. Chelsea’s done crying and needs to find Chloe. She must have a good fake passport – like the ones Jordan used to make. That was a long time ago – Jordan has no contacts (but agrees to make some calls after Chelsea expresses her determination in finding the woman who murdered her husband)

Abby’s alarmed to hear that she’ll be training the new ‘senior VP of special projects’. That’s not even a title! she yelps. Asking to speak to Victor alone, Abby now knows what how lowly her Father thinks of her.

Mariah can’t imagine Nikki onstage. Tessa knows a different Nikki; who wants to be herself and have fun. Yeah, the ranch is ‘sweet’. Perhaps we can get together for a few drinks. Nikki’s call interrupts. Summoned to the ranch, Tessa worries she’ll be reprimanded for pulling Nikki onstage.

Bringing bags of clothing down, Hilary will make arrangements for the rest. Grumbling that Mariah wore her dress to rub her face in it, Hilary doesn’t care who Devon sleeps with – she’s been having off-the-chain sex with Jordan for weeks now. As the door slams in her face, Hilary bumps into Jordan. Guess you schooled him (he’s not impressed)

I’m just your boy toy? Jordan’s not interested in Hilary using him to prove a point to her ex. Is everything OK out here? Chelsea steps into the hallway. How do you know Jordan? We met at fashion week. How do YOU know Jordan? We’re dating, Hilary claims. Oh, NOW we’re dating? Jordan scoffs. Call me later, Chelsea tells Jordan then leaves him to suggest he and Hilary part ways.

Abby now realizes Vikki probably left NE because Victor would never think a woman worthy of his legacy. Scott’s only qualification is that he’s a man. Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Abby resents being put in this position. Victor wonders if she has something against Scott.

At the ranch, Tessa’s relieved that Nikki’s not upset about being called onstage. Surprised that Tessa would even think that, Nikki has a proposition for her.

Abby finds Scott condescending but he’s the least of my problems. You don’t have to test my loyalty – don’t you trust me? Victor’s not having second thoughts about Abby’s abilities. After she reluctantly agrees to work with Scott, he returns munching on a donut. After Victor leaves, Scott claims that this was a surprise to him also. Abby orders him to sit – she has some things to say.