Monday, May 8th

Nikki wants Tessa to move in so she can save some money. Yes, she’s seen Tessa’s car (one like she used to own) Nikki’s actually offering a suite of rooms – Tessa won’t even have to see Nikki outside their work – or Victor; he’s very busy. Why are you really doing this? Tessa asks.

At the penthouse, Nick’s updated that Chloe sent Kevin and Billy letters from different countries – she’s cunning; Chelsea must be cunning too. Please don’t go trying to find her, Nick requests.

Now at the TV station, Jordan rejects Hilary’s flirtation. How would she feel if he told Cane and Billy how hot she is between the sheets? Jordan thought they had more than that. Apologizing and saying she’s ready to move on (after Devon closed the door on her) Hilary again offers to take her clothes off. I’m not as dumb as you think I am, Jordan walks away.

Chelsea’s frustrated, the police have no leads. Chloe’s dangerous, Nick reminds – don’t let her take any more from you. Chelsea sighs – I guess there’s nothing I can do.

Jordan gets the feeling that Hilary sees him as a prop – a drama free zone. Hit me up if you ever figure out what you really want. Hilary’s left to pout.

At Devon’s penthouse, a scratched up Mariah tells Devon all about the fight Hilary didn’t mention when she came over. She got the message – this is for real. Agreeing, they kiss.

Seated behind Victor’s desk, Abby makes it clear – she doesn’t like Scott. His only job is to not screw things up her. You don’t talk or make decisions; not so much as a paperclip without my approval. Scott’s been working in the real world; Victor sees me as a valuable asset and HE’S the only one I report to. I work WITH you, not FOR you. See you tomorrow ‘partner’, Scott leaves Abby in shock.

Moving in here will allow Tessa to save some money. No one’s done anything like this for me before, Tessa hesitates – but I’d be nuts to turn you down. As the ‘roomies’ hug, Victor appears to scowl. Without even seeing Victor, Tessa goes to pack. Victor expresses concern and is quickly put in his place. Both feel in control of how long this ‘charade’ will last.

Next: Do you have a second? Phyllis asks. Not really, Vikki claims. This won’t take long, Phyllis insists … You’re gonna have to play this very carefully, Jack’s instructing Abby – when Ashley walks in to ask ‘play what carefully’? ….Jordan’s asked around but warns Chelsea that she won’t like what he found out.