Tuesday, May 23rd

Ravi, of course, sides with Ashley – who admits her Mother makes her feel like a confused little girl. She pushes my buttons on purpose. What kind of Mother does that? I’d never do that to Abby. Ravi is called an ‘excellent umbrella’. If only Jack understood; he wants Ashley to forgive Dina but won’t forgive Billy; what a hypocrite.

Jack’s down at BnS to deliver Cane an I told you so. It all blew up in Billy’s face even sooner than he expected. Given enough rope, Billy will always hang himself. Cane hopes they don’t all go down with him. No, Vikki will cut ties with Billy, Jack’s sure. He’s happy that Cane didn’t have to get his hands dirty – Billy did this all on his own.

At CL’s, Zoey tells Kendall that a cute lacrosse player wants to hang out with her. What about Reed? We’re casual – it’s his problem if he doesn’t like it. As Zoey goes to get a drink, Kendall sends Reed a text – we’re all hanging out at CL’s. He leaves Tessa to tell Noah that she’s not blowing him off – she’s not the touchy, feely type. You’re a cool guy – I’m a weird chick. When Noah jokes about hiring Tessa as a bouncer, she gets mad and says she’s leaving GC.

Juliet joins Hilary at GC Buzz – you want to help with the BnS problem? No, Hilary can help with her personal problem. She ‘accidentally’ overheard Juliet and Cane. I can’t believe you spent the night with him in Tokyo.

Dina thinks it wonderful that Abby and her Mother are so close. Abby believes Ashley wants that kind of relationship with Dina and believes that she’s sincere; so will do what she can to help. Dina’s grateful – but don’t dare call me Grandma ~hug~

Maddie’s studying for a test; she’s not going to be a model like her gorgeous Mom – Charlie got the looks, I got the brains. He’s probably with a girl right now.

Reed’s not happy to find Charlie kissing Zoey on the CL’s patio. She’s tired of competing with his guitar. Go back to band practice, Charlie tells Reed.

Juliet claims that Cane was talking about almost blowing the Sate deal. Knowing that’s a lie, Hilary wants to help – tell me what happened. How long has the affair been going on? It’s not an affair, it was one time, Juliet blabs.

As Ashley continues to rant to Ravi about her Mommy issues, Dina walks into the office.

Hilary’s surprised – Cane and Lily seem solid. They are, we were drunk, Juliet explains that she helped Cane back to his room. He didn’t even remember. I have zero interest in Cane. No, Juliet didn’t get her job for sleeping with Cane. And Hilary better not announce this on her show. She feels it her responsibility to tell a wife if she’s being cheated on. Do NOT tell Lily, Juliet orders.

Maddie had a great time with grandpa Neil in LA. Business bores Charlie but interests Maddie (who gives her Dad a big hug when he comes in)

Charlie threatens to knock Reed’s teeth out if he doesn’t bounce. You can have her, Reed says ‘I hope you’re happy’ he tells Kendall as he marches past her table.

When did you decide to leave town? Noah asks Tessa – what about Reed’s lessons, Nikki’s benefit – and whatever this is? You’re running away, Noah admits he cares about Tessa.

Ashley introduces Ravi to Dina. No, Jack’s not here. She wanted to surprise him but is glad to see Ashley and meet her friend. It’s a pleasure, Ma’am, Ravi leaves Dina to crow about Ashley’s young man. I guess we have that in common. Dina then boasts that she had a lovely visit with Abby. Ashley’s angry and didn’t abandon her daughter like Dina did. No, but you lied about her paternity, Dina replies.