Tuesday, May 23rd

Ashley explains the differences between what she did and what Dina did. Don’t judge me you self-righteous, sanctimonious … Get her out of here! she yelps at Jack. Having heard enough to last a lifetime, Ashley leaves Dina to cry crocodile tears and tell Jack that she enjoyed meeting Abby (who wants a relationship too) Jack will need time to forgive Dina but won’t blame her for everything bad in their lives.

Tessa tells Noah that she saw a guy she knew in Chicago at CL’s. He didn’t see me, I’d like to keep it that way. Is he a friend? An ex? Noah asks what he did to her. He was a nice guy at first, Tessa didn’t ‘date’ him. We ran in the same group. I’ve said too much, Tessa can’t stick around. Noah promises nothing will happen to Tessa; trust me.

Hilary won’t reveal Juliet’s secret – you’re being over-dramatic. Juliet will make Hilary regret it if she blabs – how’s that for over-dramatic? she walks out.

Maddie leaves her parents to chat. Have you heard from Vikki? Do we still have a campaign? Lily asks Cane.

Dina recalls that Jack was always sensitive, even as a child. As Mother sees everything, she adds.

Outside Jack’s office, Ashley fumes about her Mother trying to fill Abby and Jack’s head with her version of events. Ravi has advice – don’t get angry – be calm, show some kindness. Take the power back.

Lily and Cane talk about how different their twins are; everything comes so easy to Charlie. Cane’s optimistic about the hockey deal. Either way, we have each other ~kiss~

Alone at GC Buzz, Hilary checks the footage she shot of Juliet confessing to having sex with Cane – it was just one time.

Next: This is a little worrisome. What has Victor done not to make you talk like that….. Reed’s astounded to come the stairs to see Billy kissing Phyllis … Mariah arrives at the station with Devon – is that it? Tomorrow’s big story? she asks Hilary (on her laptop) … Hilary knows about our one night stand, Juliet stuns Cane.

My Thoughts: OK, the hockey puns are beyond lame. I’ve been watching hockey for 40 years and have never heard ‘put a biscuit in the basket’. Maybe it’s just a thing in the States. As for ‘gooooaaaalll’ – that, Jack is football (soccer to you folks in the US) … Whoa. Wait just a minute. What the hell is Lily feeding her kids? Maddie and Charlie are now teenagers; tall teenagers. Maddie’s the quiet studious one, Charlie – not so much. For anyone wondering, Reed was born in 2007, the twins in 2010. Lily was born in 1995 .. I guess Lily’s completely over that stalker incident – she left the front door wide open… Of all the people in the world to blab to, Juliet picked the very worst. Of course Hilary will blow up the Asbhy marriage. What does she have to lose? … Dina’s a crappy Mother. Not because she cheated on John and had a child (that makes her a bad wife) but because she was just a crappy Mom who had absolutely no interest in her kids. Her first instinct wasto blame Ashley for keeping her from the grandchild she suddenly wants to know. She never even met Traci’s daughter Colleen. Does Traci even know her Mother’s in the States?