Wednesday, July 19th

Nikki’s at Jabot to gloat about not forgiving Victor (thanks to Jack) And how does that feel? Jack asks. Nikki feels so free. It’s been a long time since she’s felt this way. Jack hasn’t seen Nikki this way in a long time and is proud to have played any part in it. Nikki laughs upon hearing that the ‘scandalized’ Dina slapped Jack – she couldn’t care less about what people think ~kiss~ Abby opens the office door to get an eyeful.

In the hallways of Jabot, Ashley updates Ravi that she spoke to Jack about Dina (who slapped him earlier for giving her attitude) No, she’s never been physically violent. Keep an eye on her – something’s going on with your Mother, Ravi’s even more convinced.

In her suite, Dina’s on the phone making an ‘aggressive’ stock buy. Yes, I’m sure. Do I need to remind you who you’re dealing with??

At GC Buzz, Mariah tells Hilary that Devon chose HER – we’re more than ‘pals’. Hilary’s sure they don’t share the same passion – you can tell by the way Devon undresses me with his eyes. Get over yourself, Devon’s done with you – our sex life is hot as hell, Mariah boasts. Hilary knows that Devon still wants her, and I still want him. You look pitiful, Mariah says with forced confidence – Devon’s with me now. Deal with it.

Back on the patio, Noah continues to talk to Tessa about his Grandpa – he means well and wants me to reach my full potential; follow my dreams. Tessa asks what those dreams are. Noah wants to open up a chain of Undergrounds. He couldn’t work with Victor but wants to build something with his Dad.

Victor forgave Nick for going to the Feds to accuse him of commercial bribery and for suing him for 500 million dollars. You, your mother, your sister accuse me of being obsessed with wealth and power yet you live off it! You’re no longer my son – see how that feels, Victor snarls and exits.

Seriously? What do you think you’re doing?! Abby squawks. Nikki was just thanking Jack. And thanking Abby for organizing the beautiful benefit, Nikki sashays out. Victor walked out on HER, Jack tells Abby to take it up with Mr Mumbles. No, Abby’s taking it up with Jack (and slams the door for a private chat)

Next: Victor packs quite a punch, Hilary remarks. Howard tells her that everyone’s staying tuned for the after the commercial break to see what comes next … Lily tells Neil – we’re gonna pull through this together, as a family. Does that family include Cane? her Dad wonders… That sounds like a threat, Jack seems unconcerned. Don’t make me choose, Abby warns.