Wednesday, July 19th

Jack regrets that helping Nikki came at the expense of his Mother – he’d like to spend another evening out with Dina. Choking up, Jack knows he’s being selfish by desperately trying to hold on to what he has – not to what he lost out on as a kid.

After Stefan leaves the club, Ashley thanks Ravi for his help. Then it’s back to talk about Dina and her out of character behaviour. She has a wicked sense of humour, Ravi notes. Ashley’s sure there’s a rational explanation but we’re in unfamiliar territory.

Nick didn’t want to make things harder for his Mother. Nikki’s feeling no pain now – the night at Jack’s cabin really helped. No, she won’t patch things up with Victor (he said ‘good riddance’ and stormed out) Nick won’t gloat – this can’t be easy. Victor’s done trying to win me back and pretending, and Nikki feels the same way – she’ll now focus on what makes her happy. Mother and son exchange ‘I love you’s’

Visiting Dina, Abby corrects that Zack’s not her boyfriend and whines that Vikki wouldn’t tell her what was going on between her Dad and Nick – I threw a drink in her face. Dina gives her a high five – don’t take crap from anyone. Abby’s just glad Vikki wasn’t hurt when she fell. Dina praises Abby for making the Newmans look respectable (she considers her an Abbott)

Now at Jabot, Jack’s forced to answer Ashley’s questions about Nikki. He’s then puzzled to hear that according to Ravi, Dina seems confused. Has Jack noticed anything? Yes, she has one helluva right hook.

Ashley doesn’t blame Dina for slapping Jack after his comment. Keep an eye on her (but Ashley won’t tell her brother what to look for) Jack’s not proud of his childhood resentments – Mother made it clear she disapproves of his friendship with Nikki. Gee – who am I to judge? Ashley quips.

Yes, Victor really said all that – Hilary was blown away too. She and Howard watch more of the footage (Nikki joining her husband and son) You’re not going to air that, Mariah appears to snap. Hilary has Victor’s permission – and she doesn’t agree that Devon’s done with her. He can’t keep his eyes off me and it’s driving you nuts.

As Victor whines to Noah, Nick arrives to ask why he’s at Underground. To see my grandson, Victor then sends Noah out to get a cup of coffee. Try not to kill each other, Noah obediently leaves. Leave my son out of this, Nick orders his Father.

Dina sympathizes with Abby – and here’s some advice; having a foot in both Newman and Abbott worlds provides a unique perspective. It’s not a handicap, it’s an opportunity. Thank you grandma… I mean Dina ~hug~ I love you.

Noah gripes to Tessa on the CL’s patio – Nick tries to be the opposite of his Father. This benefit was supposed to be a good thing but it brought out the worst in my Dad.

Yes, Victor told Noah about his Dad’s ‘shenanigans’ – that smart young man shouldn’t be wasting time in this ‘dive’. You can’t forgive MY sins? I’ve been TOO forgiving of YOUR sins, Victor growls.