Tuesday, July 25th

Meals ordered, Jack gets Dina talking about happy times at the cabin. She talks about playing trivia games. John couldn’t remember the first American self-made millionaire. Jack does indeed remember; Madam CJ Walker. Dina passes Ashley’s test by rhyming off all the Kardashians. Yes, she misses the business world but doesn’t dwell on it. Oh, the wine’s here, she chirps (as Ashley scrutinizes)

Something came up – Billy has to watch the kids while Vikki goes to the doctor. Phyllis is surprised she told Billy. He’s surprised that Phyllis was the one who found Vikki. And when Phyllis assumes she’ll be seeing the kids too, Billy corrects her.

Wrapping up the evening, Dina would be delighted to go the cabin this weekend. Graham reminds that she has a prior engagement. I’m always double booking myself, Dina chuckles. Ashley’s left alone to leave a message for Ravi – I think my Mother’s suffering from depression.

At the station, Hilary reads the commercial script into the camera.

Lily’s just sent off her audition when Charlie comes home in a foul mood (he can’t just pretend everything’s OK)

Cane goes to BnS to confront Vikki – where do you get off trying to destroy my life?

Billy thinks it best that Phyllis doesn’t tag along tonight. Having her over last time was a bit presumptuous; it IS Vikki’s home after all. With a quick kiss, Phyllis is left looking unsettled.

Next: If you want to end this partnership you need to tell me now, Noah sounds passionate as he speaks to Nick … At GCM, Vikki asks if Cane’s here. No, but Juliet just saw their baby for the first time … Cane has the phone to his ear. Hey, it’s Jesse, your favourite cameraman – I need your help.