Tuesday, July 25th

Vikki returns to the office to hear that she missed the conference call. Assuming she just got done talking to Jack, Billy asks how it went and hears that Vikki leveraged her Mother’s affections. We’re a great team; Bonnie and Clyde, peanut butter and jelly.

Phyllis wastes no time tattling to Jack that she found Vikki passed out in the elevator. Jack feels like he’s doing her dirty work; if he puts BnS out of business, it’ll end Vikki and Billy being co-workers. That’ll make things nice on the home-front for you.

Of course Phyllis would like to put an end to Billy and Vikki being connected at the hip. Maybe Vikki fainted because she’s pregnant, Jack leaves Phyllis fuming.

Down at BnS, Vikki asks Billy to go relieve Hannah while she goes to see a doctor. Confiding that she fainted in the elevator, Vikki’s sure everything’s fine. Billy asks for an update – yes, he cares – we’re partners, right? Vikki giggles and gives him a hug.

Barry’s at Lily’s for a chat about them making a lot of money together. He just so happens to have copy for a commercial she’s to video and submit online. Yes, she has someone who can help her with that. As soon as Barry leaves, Lily calls Jordan to shoot an online audition. Come over to GC Buzz, Hilary would be happy to help, Jordan’s sure (in the background, Hilary’s like ‘aw hell no’)

Showing up on the rooftop, Cane is NOT happy to see Juliet thanking Charlie for iced tea; him smiling down as she puts her hand on his arm.

Jack and Ashley join Dina and Graham at the club for dinner. Having invited herself along, Ashley doesn’t mind Graham staying. She wastes no time fishing for info on how Dina likes retirement and watches her Mother carefully.

Hilary doesn’t just have history with Lily – we hate each other. Lily interrupts their kiss to hand Jordan a garment bag with her ‘options’. Hilary hopes to make up for helping Juliet; she admires Lily for standing by Cane. She hopes things work out. Yeah, you ARE the person I expected to hear that from, Lily agrees.

Let me know if you need anything else, Charlie leaves Juliet to give his Dad the cold shoulder. Now aware that Charlie is Cane’s son, Juliet tells him that she had no idea. That said, she hopes their child grows up to be as well adjusted. For his/her sake, we need to figure out how to be friends again.

Cane takes a seat to gripe about Juliet sipping cool drinks (paid for by Vikki) without a care in the world while he’s trying to figure out how to put food on the table. Juliet’s sure he’ll find a job soon. Hearing Cane’s theory that Vikki tanked his job at Jabot, Juliet’s supportive – Vikki doesn’t get to control the rest of your life. Cane marches out without further word.

Jordan coaches Lily through a series of takes until they get one he’ll send off. After Lily leaves, Hilary sends Jordan out for Thai food and is left alone to eye the script and camera.