Wednesday, August 23rd

Faith thanks Victor for the box of treats he brought for her to share with the girls in her cabin. She can’t wait to show Grandpa her horse riding skills and play chess. So, why did you really come? Victor’s there to tell Faith about some changes – your Dad’s moved off the ranch. Why? Maybe he got lonely. Faith looks devastated to hear that Nick moved in with Chelsea.

Noah chides Mariah for being so worried that Tessa hasn’t shown up yet.

In room #2, Tessa isn’t intimidated by the tough guy act – tell me my sister’s OK. She has food and a job – it’s Crystal’s choice to sell her body. She’s a kid, Tessa thinks it sick. She knows people and will go to the cops. Throwing her cell phone against the wall, the pimp doesn’t think Tessa’s getting the message.

Jordan and Charlie bond so well over photography and football that Charlie invites him to stay for dinner. Not sure what she’s making, Lily beams when Jordan asks her to lead the way to the kitchen.

Seated at the club, Mattie won’t let Cane pretend that things are normal and is still pissed that he won’t let her see Reed. She’s heading home for dinner – text Mom if you don’t believe me. Asking if they can schedule a dinner, Cane’s left looking rejected.

The pimp proves that Crystal’s OK by letting Tessa facetime her briefly. Don’t try to find me, Crystal lies that she’s fine. Tessa knows better and will never stop looking for her sister. I’ll find you! Not impressed that Tessa can get money, the pimp takes the phone away – forget your sister exists; anything that happens to her now is on you. We’re done, he marches out leaving Tessa in tears.

Chatting at the revolving door, Hilary tells Devon that the show in which she announced their divorce got high ratings – imagine the ratings if I announced we were getting back together. Better not let Jordan hear you talking like that, Devon seems to enjoy the flirtation.

In the Ashby kitchen, Mattie’s also on the Jordan love train. Lily then serves up dinner Jordan threw together from stuff in the freezer. Lily’s the only one to look uncomfortable when Charlie tells Jordan to take that seat – Dad’s chair.

At HWG to thank Neil for Mattie’s intern position, Cane’s surprised to hear they’re giving Vikki a bridge loan. Neil respects her and it helps Lily work/support the kids. Cane WILL get back on his feet but his first priority is regaining the trust of his family. Sometimes things go past the point of no return, Neil adds that Lily AND Jordan will be thrilled to get back to work.

Sharon’s happy for Nick – but moving in with Chelsea’s a big step. Nick knows it’ll be a major change for Faith so will make the adjustment as easy as possible; Chelsea understands it’ll take time. Sharon knows that Nick would never interfere with Faith’s relationship with her grandfather. Nick has to wonder when Victor’s next big hit is coming.

Faith feels the ranch is her home; her Mom, her pony and her grandpa. Victor thinks it would be wonderful to have Faith visit him – grandma moved out too. You’ll be all alone, Faith worries. Not if you come visit me, Victor smiles.

Jordan enjoys his dinner with Lily and the kids. Particularly captivated by their guest, Mattie vies with Charlie for Jordan’s attention.