Wednesday, August 23rd

As Cane creeps in the front door, he hears the foursome chatting animatedly over dinner.

Now seated in the dining room, Hilary and Devon enjoy updating one another on their lives. When Devon has to go meet Mariah, Hilary reaches across the table and is reluctant to let go – it’s so nice catching up.

Mariah jumps up to accost Tessa when she arrives at Underground – where were you? Is everything OK? Yes, why wouldn’t it be? No, there’s no news on Crystal – my phone died. Mariah gets a text; Devon’s running late. Tessa needs to speak to him (but is distracted when Noah comes over to kiss her)

Sharon’s seen the worst of Victor but he does love Faith. He’d never upset her to punish you. Nick doesn’t agree – Victor also claimed to love Mom, Adam; he even claimed to love you. Victor Newman only loves those he owns.

Victor tells Faith to go share her brownies – he came to tell Faith the news so she wouldn’t be shocked. Any time you want to play chess or confide in someone, come to me; you can trust me. Faith does trust her Grandpa, more than almost anyone ~hug~

Tessa apologizes to Noah; she can’t go on because her throat’s sore but she wants to stay so she can talk to Devon. Alone with Tessa, Mariah questions her – since when do you obsess about money? Tessa and Mariah both apologize and hug it out.

Hilary thinks Devon a good boyfriend (texting Mariah to let her know he’s running late) No, she doesn’t need to text Jordan. Mariah’s not jealous, Devon claims. Hilary’s not so sure – she went out of her way to let me know how much fun you had at the music festival. Hilary then reminds Devon of how special their time together was.

Cane eavesdrops as Lily and Jordan announce that they’re going on the road for Brash n Sassy. The twins are so thrilled that Jordan jokes they must be planning a party. Cane slips back out unseen (and unhappy)

Next: Grandpa needs company now that Grandma’s moved out, Faith tells her parents. How do you know about that? Nick wonders … Mother is suddenly an asset at Jabot, Jack crows (as Ashley reads a report) … You said you want to hit back at Jack, care to tell me what you have in mind? Phyllis asks Billy (as he stares mischievously at Dina laughing with Abby at a nearby table)

My Thoughts: No one’s better than Paul, Nick tells Sharon with a straight face – clearly forgetting that Paul rarely cracks a case occurring under his nose until it smacks him in the face. He couldn’t find his own Father for 8 years (Chris recognized him at the airport when she asked him to pass the mustard), had no idea for decades that it was Phyllis who ran him and Chris over – ignored all the signs that Isabella Brana was insane and was oblivious to their son Ricky’s hatred (oh, and that he was a murderer) Yes, no one’s better than Paul Williams …. Just to confirm – Faith did not undergo SORAS (soap opera rapid aged syndrome) while at summer camp. As Nikki indicated yesterday, Faith is 10 (the age of the actress playing her; Alyvia Alyn Lind) Boys will be in the picture soon? What? Again, she’s 10…. Of all the despicable things Victor’s done, using his granddaughter’s love for him is worse than anything he’s done to the adults he’s screwed over and proves that Nick’s right to be concerned about Faith’s relationship with Victor. It’d be nice if those who somehow manage to shrug off Victor’s vile behavior grew a backbone (looking at you Sharon, Abby, Noah, Chelsea) … I’ve always found it odd (and tacky) that folks at the club to work out use the same entrance/exit as patrons of a supposed fine dining room. Is there no other door men in sweats and women in mid drift exposing spandex can use?