Thursday, April 5th

Back with Jack, Billy has some good news; Mike’s going over the forensic evidence. Jack appreciates that but is frustrated to be locked in here, unable to fight Kyle (coached by Victor, he mentions again)

The blood Abbott clause pertains to the company only, not the family home, Ashley informs Kyle. He hopes there’s no hard feelings that he’s running Jabot instead of Billy and asks for a little patience from both Ashley and Abby (who he asks to stick around) At the door, Kyle swears to Ashley that he only has the best intentions.

Both now dressed, JT wants Viki to work our her issues with him. I needed an objective opinion, Vikki denies she’s looking for a reason to end the relationship. JT’s not the monster Mac makes him out to be. And I’m not your Father. Sorry, he quickly apologizes. It’s OK, Vikki talked about that with the therapist. Victor might be an issue. He is THE issue, JT insists – HE’s the emotionally abusive one. HE’s the one you need out of your life ~hug~

All holding umbrellas on this rainy day, Devon introduces Simone to Jill and Ester. Aiming her words at Hilary, Jill thinks Katherine would have loved Simone. Stepping up to the mic and the cameras rolling, Jill then introduces herself to the few guests as Katherine’s closest friend. You mean her closest enemy, Nikki arrives to correct.

JT brings Vikki a cup of tea – how you doing? Vikki should be asking him that after dumping her Daddy issues on him. JT will help her overcome that just as she’s helped him. Vikki appreciates his understanding and love (which she couldn’t do without) She’s no longer having doubts but doesn’t want to get married just yet. You’re the kindest, warmest man I’ve ever know, Vikki gushes – and we have chemistry. She’s committed to making it work but wants to continue therapy. It’s non-negotiable. JT agrees – I’ll do it for you ~kiss~

Nikki thanks Jill for being her warm-up act. We’ve got everything in hand, Jill tells Nikki to have a seat beside Nick and make herself comfortable. Jill then leads everyone in applauding Nikki; who then announces that while Jill was traipsing around the world, she purchased this property in honour of Katherine. Back and forth it goes until Nick takes over to introduce Devon – who then introduces a talented artist who’s close to his heart. It’s an honour to be here, Simone plays her guitar and sings. On the sidelines, Nikki and Jill’s arguing gets more attention than Simone’s performance. Eat dirt bitch, Nikki shovels a pile of dirt on Jill – then faints.

Kyle asks Abby to keep him in the loop about his Dad. He genuinely cares. Abby notes that Kyle constantly has to say that he’s a good guy. Kyle wonders when he became the bad guy. With a hug, Abby laughs at Kyle’s jokes but saying she doesn’t trust him, leaves him to frown.

Billy joins Ashley and Jack to announce that Mike’s found new evidence that might ID Victor’s attacker.

Back at GCM, Nikki assures the kids that it was just low blood sugar. Abby arrives with news about the assault – the police tested some blood that doesn’t belong to Dad or Jack. JT looks worried in the background.

At the club, Hilary’s delighted to see Kyle (since they didn’t get to talk much when she was covering the Walnut Grove reunion) Since she didn’t air Jack’s arrest, Kyle assumes they’re friends. Yes, and he sponsors the show. Beauty, wit and ambition, Kyle comments as he agrees to have a drink with Hilary. Their path, of course, leads directly past Devon and Simone’s table.

At their table, Kyle’s on to Hilary’s game. Is it working? she asks. Not yet – but this might help ~kiss~ Devon is indeed watching (as is Simone)