Thursday, April 5th

As the rain continues to fall, Jill talks to Kay’s portrait; you left me without a worthy sparring opponent. Get the car and spare me the lecture, she orders Ester (who says today was a hoot; Kay would have loved it)

The person who attacked Dad might still be out there, Vikki, JT, Abby and Nick agree. Nikki rejoins the group with astonishing news – your Father might be coming back to us. He’s responding to the antibiotics. Hugging Vikki, JT’s NOT happy.

Devon won’t let Hilary distract him – he loved Simone’s performance. She wishes the tribute to Devon’s grandmother had been more peaceful. Devon begins to tell Simone about his baby plans with Hilary when he’s interrupted by a call. Simone then calls Hilary over – that display didn’t affect Devon at all. Trust me, darling, I don’t need to make a display to get his attention, Hilary crows smugly – I just mention our baby. You’re what!? Told they’ll be co-parenting a child, Simone assumes it’ll happen in a doctor’s office? Hilary’s silence says otherwise.

Nick has an update; Victor’s still in a coma but improving. When all head out to get some dinner, JT decides to stick around. Putting his hood on, he sneaks into Victor’s room to glare down at the man he’d rather not make a recovery.

I saved that girl more time and dignity than she’ll ever know, Hilary says as she thanks Kyle for his help. Having had plenty of fun, Kyle gives Hilary his business card. Good luck and good night, he goes upstairs. Hilary watches Simone blast Devon. He claims their baby will be conceived in a lab – but Hilary made it sound like it’d be the old-fashioned way. Either way, if Devon’s having a baby with Hilary, Simone’s done. Hilary smiles from afar.

Ashley and Abby come through the revolving door. Once Victor wakes up, he can clear Jack. Ashley got a call from a long time Jabot employee. It seems that Kyle’s firing all of Jack’s supporters. We have to use the DNA results to get rid of him ASAP. He has no more Abbott blood than I do, Ashley fumes.

Billy’s back with Jack (who’s eager to have the blood tests reveal the real culprit so he can be cleared and released)

At Victor’s bedside, JT removes his hood as he blames Victor for Colleen’s death. Now you want to take Vikki too. Then my kids, my freedom. You won’t be happy until I’m locked away for the rest of my life. It’s you or me. You made me do this. JT puts latex gloves on and turns Victor’s breathing machine off. Victor takes a gasp as the monitors go blank and silent.