Wednesday, April 11th

At the club, Phyllis is fine with Johnny and Katie spending a couple of days with them – not so fine with attending Sharon’s party for Vikki. Come on, Billy coerces – I went along with Nick coming over to play video games. Please – Vikki’s going through a rough time right now.

After making the kids squiggly pasta, Vikki announces a big surprise – Johnny and Katie are spending a few nights with their Dad. We’ll go on another vacation soon. No, not with JT. No, he’s not mad at us – it’s nobody’s fault ~hug~

Surprise! Sharon and Mariah arrive at Vikki’s with bags of food and Tequila for girls night. Can’t we do it another night? Vikki’s really not in the mood. No can do – there are others coming. Others? Vikki goes even paler.

Billy’s at the house to get an update from Ashley. Kyle’s closer to Victor than anyone in this family, Ashley warns. He just got out of a coma and can barely speak, Billy points out. Since Kyle’s going ahead anyway, Ashley wonders if he plans to double-cross Victor. Billy wouldn’t be surprised – but does that leave us rooting for Victor?

Nikki arrives under the impression that the party was Vikki’s idea. I’m warming up to the idea, Vikki’s relieved to see her Mom and wonders who else is coming. Just us. As Mariah makes Nikki a virgin Margarita, Phyllis arrives with more booze. Sharon declares girls night officially on! Vikki then announces that she and JT broke up – we just decided to end things, she lies. Mariah then brings over a tray of drinks – the extra salty one is for Phyllis. Sharon toasts to Vikki and having fun tonight – cheers!

As Nikki tells Sharon that Victor’s recovering ‘thank God’, Phyllis gestures wildly in the background, causing Mariah to burst into inappropriate laughter. Vikki then toasts to her parents making it work all these years. To the perfect, loving, super duper couple, Phyllis all but forces Nikki to come clean that she and Victor have an open marriage. How open? Wide open? Mariah’s clearly getting sloshed. Nikki occasionally has a male companion. He’s an incredibly hot boy-toy, Phyllis adds as Nikki assures Vikki that her Father will always come first. See? This is the kind of positivity that comes from women supporting one another, Sharon chirps brightly. Would anyone else like to speak? Yes, Mariah’s good on her own – she doesn’t need an open or closed relationship with a male … or female. I kissed a girl and I liked it. Good for you, all are encouraging (except Nikki) Phyllis thinks it Sharon’s turn to be honest about her motives for asking Nick to move in but all are distracted by the doorbell. Vikki opens the door – it’s JT of course.