Wednesday, April 11th

JT won’t leave until Vikki hears him out. Hearing laughter inside, he’s pissed. You’re having a party? You couldn’t wait to celebrate huh? Vikki steps outside but won’t accept JT’s apology. He’s sorry he got crazy but that’s because he loves Vikki so much. He’ll never try to control her again. Give me one more chance – it can’t end this way. I’m begging you.

In the spirit of honesty, Sharon didn’t like Phyllis’ insinuations about her and Nick. Phyllis is sorry – she’ll be blunter next time. Sharon wonders if Nick living with her has triggered some unresolved feelings Phyllis has for him. If you’re practising for college midterms, keep practising, Phyllis quips. As for Mariah, she’s fast asleep sitting up.

Still on the porch, JT continues to appeal to Vikki – he knows she feels it too. I’ll fix what I messed up. YOU are what matters most to me. You won’t regret forgiving me this one last time. Shaking her head , Vikki doesn’t want to hear any more apologies. I’m done with you. I should have been done with you the moment you grabbed my throat. Get the hell off my property, she goes inside in need of a drink and lies that it was Abby at the door – she couldn’t stay. As the woman all talk about honesty and coming clean, Vikki decides to stop lying – she’s been covering up for months. JT abused her. Oh honey, Nikki strokes her hair as all express concern.

Next: JT’s confession leads to a shocking turn of events.

My Thoughts: Reed has good reason to be upset but that’s no reason to disrespect his Mother. As a minor, he should be asking, not telling Vikki that he’s going to spend the night at a friends. And maybe Rick should ask his parents if it’s OK. Maybe they have plans or just don’t want another surly teen under their roof…. How is it even possible that Vikki and JT managed to get back and forth from Hawaii in one day. It’s like a 9 hour flight. And yet, Vikki still had time to make it to the office? Good for her for refusing to cave in to JT’s begging. Telling people that he was abusive will make it easier to stick to her guns. She’s already been humiliated enough by the demotion being made public. Pride alone will prevent her from giving JT another chance … How can a drunken Mariah possibly be relied on to give Nikki an alcohol-free drink? How many drinks did the lightweight have before telling everyone that she kissed a girl then passing out? … Not sure why Phyllis is such an enthusiastic eater but her praise-be-to-God pantomime behind Nikki was probably the highlight of the show – as well as Nikki’s reaction to Mariah’s confession that ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ (if only she was drunk enough to launch into the Katy Perry song).