Thursday, April 19th

Handed a bag of goodies, Nick’s now off to the police station to see if there’s any leads on JT. Phyllis reminds that JT tried to murder Vikki’s Dad – he’s a maniac. Let it go for Vikki’s sake. She wants to forget JT ever existed. After Nick leaves, Phyllis again tells Sharon it’s time for her to pull her weight.

After Charlie leaves with the flashdrives, Kyle tells Ashley and Abby that Dina’s a character – he can’t wait to hear her stories. When he leaves to pack his stuff, Ashley scolds Abby – Charlie will see footage of Dina talking about Jack’s paternity. Nope – Abby has that flashdrive in her pocket. Ashley’s feeling chilly – let’s start a fire.

Helen’s about to leave when Jack drops by the ranch to speak to Victor (in a wheelchair) Surprised to see Helen (and that she’s Victor’s lover) Jack assumes she was hired to spy so fires her. Giving Victor a quick kiss, Helen leaves. Jack’s surprised to hear that the Newmans have an open marriage. But what he’s really there for is some gratitude from Victor.

The kids upstairs, dinner over, Nick and Sharon chat over wine. He wonders if Phyllis is right – that it’s best JT stays gone. How could he fool us all for so long? Sharon bites her tongue.

Seated on a bench, the Ashby’s continue to discuss JT – Lily can’t imagine him capable of violence. Cane thought him more sad than angry. If he’s innocent, why did he leave town?

Kyle agrees that it’s nice to have a fire. Abby whisks him out for some creme brulee – the fire’s not going anywhere.

Why would I owe you anything? Victor asks. Jack boasts about calling 911 instead of walking away. Instead of a thank you note I get arrested. For what? Wanting proof that Kyle was up to something, Jack borrowed Victor’s hard drive and found countless emails between you and my son starting in the fall. Did you want my son because I had your wife??

Sharing a tub of ice cream, Nick good-naturedly gripes about Sharon hogging the chocolate chunks. Start the movie, Sharon smiles.

Jack accuses Victor of being behind Kyle’s attempt to take Jabot public. Nikki protests Jack berating Victor – he just got home. Jack leans down to warn Victor – Kyle’s an Abbott. I will destroy you if you come after my son. Bidding Nikki goodnight, Jack slams out.

The living room dark, Kyle pokes around in the fireplace until he pulls out an SD card.