Thursday, April 19th

Nikki regrets not being at Victor’s side the whole time – but you had ex-wives Ashley and Julia – and your new friend Helen. Victor repeats his question – who was Nikki with the night he was attacked? That’s not in the spirit of our agreement – and Nikki told Helen that she’s ‘the love of Victor’s life’ because it’s true. If Helen thinks otherwise, she’s kidding herself. Nikki looks annoyed as Helen helps Victor out of bed.

As Dina and Kyle chat in the living room, Abby, Ashley and Jack debate him moving in. Abby and Ashley think it risky – but Jack won’t treat Kyle the way Victor treated Adam. We’re a family, this is where Kyle belongs. Ashley will go along with it for now but reserves the right to change her mind.

Standing in front of the hole, Nick tells Sharon that he’s figured something out. What? Sharon’s nervous. Nick wants to plant a vegetable garden – for the town. That’s great, Sharon’s relieved – but why am I here? Leaving her out of the first meeting, Nick wants Sharon involved. We can plant right here. Sharon wants to talk, but not here (she leads him away)

Kyle continues to charm Dina with talk of winning bets on golf and taking ladies out on the town. Seeing Dina smile, Jack tells Kyle to go pack his bags. When Abby gets a text from Victor, Jack grumbles that he never got a thank you for saving his life. Ashley and Abby look awkward when Charlie comes by for the memory cards for Dina’s video.

At the ranch, Nikki’s not impressed that Victor’s invited Helen for dinner (and less impressed that Arturo’s not free to meet her) Dinner for three it is – won’t that be nice, Nikki pastes on a smile.

Cane and Lily chat at the new garden – which might have been where Vikki and JT held their wedding. Cane’s not sure what JT’s done or what he deserves. The universe has a way of sorting things out, Lily concludes.

When Nick and Sharon return, Phyllis is forced to admit that she’s waiting for Sharon – curious about why Nick wanted to see her. Hearing about the vegetable garden, Phyllis blathers on incoherently. OK, she wants Nick to leave the cop work to the cops. Nick wonders why Sharon, Phyllis and Vikki are telling him the same thing. Phyllis doesn’t want Nick to waste his energy on a hopeless cause.