Tuesday, May 1st

Yes, of course Vikki’s upset that JT’s phone was traced to near her house. Maybe someone picked it up – or. Or? Paul prods – did JT text/call you the night of the party? No? Paul finds that interesting phone records indicate otherwise. Vikki now claims that she turned her phone off for the party and deleted JT’s messages so she wouldn’t be tempted. I’ve told you everything – the last time I spoke to JT was in Hawaii when I broke up with him. Vikki’s curious though – can you access those voicemails and texts? If and when we do, Paul hopes to know where JT went. One more thing, Paul says as Vikki’s about to leave.

When Phyllis congratulates Devon on becoming a Father, he hurries off to do some work. Phyllis follows to scold him for being rude to Hilary. She’s pretty excited about this baby – which was conceived the old-fashioned way, Phyllis adds – and wonders how long it’ll take for Devon to acknowledge what everyone else can see. You still have feelings for Hilary. That’s not true, Devon claims. Uh huh, Phyllis leaves unconvinced.

Hilary asks what Phyllis was talking about with Devon. Love, life, babies – we’ll see if any of it took, Phyllis then reminds Hilary to make that appointment – you need to conceive this month. After Phyllis leaves, Hilary’s calling to make an appointment but must hang up when Devon moseys over to say ‘take care of yourself’ on his way out.

Paul thinks it odd that he found Vikki in her car while a party was going on in her house. And she never volunteered any information about JT abusing her. Vikki kept quiet for Reed’s sake. Paul demands the truth – how many times did JT attack you? Did he come by one last time? Did you give him money to escape? Vikki goes on the offence; blaming Paul for bringing JT to town. Paul feels bad about that so is more determined to find JT. Insisting she’s already told Paul everything, Vikki leaves in tears.

Nick’s showered and changed and Sharon’s dressed when Paul calls to demand she come to the station – right now. Updated, Nick offers to go along for company – he wants to find JT too.

Mariah hands Hilary her ringing phone – it’s your doctor. Hilary confirms her appointment for Friday – we’ll be using the same donor, Devon Hamilton. Now it’s showtime; Hilary takes her seat beside Mariah to dedicate today’s show to one topic; secrets and lies.