Tuesday, May 1st

Arriving at the station, Nick’s surprised that Nikki and Phyllis have been summoned too (and that Paul’s has already told Vikki this new information) He doesn’t understand why Paul’s questioning the women about their party. Paul comes out of his office to say he’s interviewing them individually, starting with Sharon. One by one, Paul asks if anyone dropped by the party. Everyone says no – except Sharon; who says that Abby stopped by. She’s also the only one to say that Vikki’s phone did ring – but she didn’t answer. Paul finds that interesting.

In Paul’s office, Nick’s shocked to hear that JT’s cell phone was traced to the area. The women’s demeanor that night? They were rattled that JT was the one who attacked Dad but didn’t want him to stick around as protection because Phyllis had talked to Paul on the phone and was told that a cruiser was coming by. Nick now questions JT running off. He would have stuck around to clear his name. Could he be hiding in the middle of town???

Sharing what they told Paul, the ladies discrepancies come out; Sharon told him that Abby stopped by (that was JT, Vikki admits) As for Vikki’s phone, all are aghast that Sharon told Paul that Vikki’s cell rang. Phyllis is furious – no, we can’t say we were drunk (especially Nikki!) Worried that JT’s body might be dug up, Phyllis suggests they move him. You own the park, shut it down for a day, Phyllis orders Nikki. Vikki suddenly needs to speak to her Mom – alone.

As the show continues, Mariah reads a letter from a viewer who’s afraid to proclaim his love to his ex and afraid to do nothing. Asked her biggest secret, Mariah admits to being passed-out drunk at a party. Now, what could the newly expectant mother-to-be be hiding? Just off camera, Devon watches in discomfort.

After a commercial break, Mariah teases Hilary for having nothing to say. Hilary thinks lies horribly destructive but sometimes little white lies are OK – like not telling a coworker that her wardrobe choices are uninspired? Maybe, Mariah admits – but isn’t there a downside to keeping secrets? Yes, there’s a huge downside to keeping secrets, Hilary goes on. One lie leads to telling more lies – when you go down that path, the situation can spin out of control – lies build on top of themselves – you can’t remember them all – the pressure leads to a breaking point. Sharon and Phyllis watch at CL’s. At home, Nick looks at framed family photos. At the main house, Vikki tells her Mom that JT was her problem. I’m the one who drew him back into our lives. I should have walked away the first time he hurt me. She sees the stress her Mom, Sharon and Phyllis are under. We can’t keep this going. In tears, Vikki’s decided that she must take full responsibility. She’s going to tell the police that she killed JT.

Next: Billy clashes with Kyle …. Vikki is overwhelmed with guilt … Phyllis does damage control.