Friday, June 29th

On the rooftop, Jack tells Kyle that he rejected Billy’s bonus (which he’s wrong to hand out on earning projections) Plus, he won’t cash in on Billy’s success. Kyle ran to the bank with his cheque. Jack then changes the topic to him suing Jill to have Philips’ body exhumed. He’ll win if his star witness comes through. Kyle looks thrilled that they might both have opportunities at Chancellor. Jack wants to set things right and get his life back.

The moment of worry passes when the lab tech finds the heartbeat. Looking at the monitor, Devon and Hilary gush over the ‘little spec’ that is their child ~kiss~

Devon and Hilary are now alone to marvel over the print out of their tiny baby; a living, breathing thing we created. We stopped being a couple – we’re a family now, Devon will frame the photo. They then get all mushy as they debate who the baby looks like ~kiss~

Kyle suggests they walk Dina through the process – so she doesn’t freak out on the stand. A ‘dress rehearsal’ could reassure Dina (as well as Ashley and Traci) Jack thanks his son for the great idea.

Nick calls Brittany to say that he has an angle they might be able to use against Victor (his health) In the video he’s sending her, it’s clear that Victor’s hiding a medical condition. We need to find a way to have those leaked medical records entered into public record to prove Victor’s in no condition to raise Christian.

What are you doing here? Summer’s surprised to find Billy already seated at the poker table in a suite at the club. He’s there to gamble his bonus. Your secret is safe with me, Summer won’t tell her Mom.

Sorry I’m late, Sharon runs up to the Nikki, Phyllis and Vikki at the park. What the hell IS that?! she too now looks astonished by whatever they’re looking at.