Wednesday, July 18th

Abby knows her leaving NE must feel like a stab in the back to Victor – but that’s how she’s felt working there. Nick’s giving me a chance to prove myself and I’m taking it. And Nikki? She’ll stand by her husband. That leaves Vikki – who needs some time to think about it. In addition to Noah and Abby, Nick has one last board member to announce – Jack (who arrives on cue) Flashback to Nick hiring him. My company needs you. As Victor scoffs, Nick, Jack and Abby excuse themselves to talk business.

Aside, Cane asks Charlie what happened. It all started when Shawna and I ‘got together’. Mom walked in on us. Hilary came home and started fighting with Lily. Shawna took off. We got in the car and went looking for her. Hilary and Mom were still arguing. There’s something else you need to know …..

In the operating room, Dr West tells Nate that he’s endangering the patient by rushing into this. Nate will do everything in his power to save Hilary and the baby. Let’s do this (surgery begins)

Victor appreciates Nikki calling the meeting – but sometimes it’s best to let the not so loyal go and experience failure. After Nikki leaves, Victor’s delighted that Vikki will stay. As the last Newman heir, she has conditions. She wants it in writing that she takes over when her Dad steps down (and her COO title back)) Victor will have the papers drawn up tonight.

When Nick comes home, Mariah tells him that Sharon went out for some air. She hates being lied to and Mariah doesn’t know what Sharon will decide. On the CL’s patio, Sharon looks sadly at the hand where her ring should be.

Charlie doesn’t think Mom realizes it – but SHE ran the red light, not the truck driver. When Shawna tries to apologize to Lily, she’s told to just focus on Hilary. Cane comes in to hug Lily. Having had no luck reaching Devon, they hope Hilary will be recuperating by the time he’s home.

In the operating room, it’s clear that things did not go well. Nate slowly comes out to deliver news that makes everyone cry (looks like Hilary didn’t make it)

Next: Nick explores his dark side….. Ashley pursues a new alliance … Devon receives troubling news.