Wednesday, July 18th

On the CL’s patio, Abby understands that Vikki’s upset with Nick – but look at the big picture. This new company is exciting. Nick appears, pleased that they’re considering it. He promises they’ll be able to reach their potential at Dark Horse. He then appeals to Summer – this is an opportunity. All four get a text from Nikki – she wants to meet at the club right away. Sounds like Mom made her decision – all follow Nick out.

Mattie and Cane join the rest of the family in GCM’s waiting area. Nate has info; Lily’s conscious and has no serious injuries. Hilary? She’s critical. Doctors are doing all they can to save her and the baby. Neil wasn’t able to reach Devon; he must be mid-flight.

Home and updated, No, Mariah doesn’t think Sharon’s wrong to be upset with Nick. How about some good news? Mariah confides that she and Tessa are together. Hesitating briefly, Sharon gives Mariah a supportive hug (but is soon back to worrying about Nick)

Victor at her side, Nikki’s gathered everyone on neutral ground for a Newman family summit. She suggests that Nick and Victor channel their animosity into something good; become partners.

All flock to hug Lily when the doctor brings her out and updates that she’ll be fine. Since Neil’s listed as a medical contact, the doctor can say that Hilary wasn’t so lucky – they’re doing their best. In the background, Nate cracks – this hospital’s best obviously isn’t good enough. You’ve got to be kidding me, the doctor turns around. What are you doing here? (he clearly knows Nate and isn’t a fan)

Sharon has her engagement ring in her hand when Mariah brings her a mug of coffee. Is it really that bad that Nick wants to start his own company? Well, no – but there’s something to be said for knowing someone to their core, Sharon believes. Mariah relays Hilary’s advice; just because something’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad. Sometimes it’s better. Sharon looks at her ring.

Victor agrees with Nick – he sees no value in a partnership either. Nikki’s trying to preserve the family and move forward. Nick plans to do that (and bring respect back to the Newman name) He has more support – despite being offered a lot of money to stay at NE, Noah chose me. He’ll be resigning today and setting up a Dark Horse office in London. Summer has to be honest – she just started working at Fenmore’s. Nick’s fine with that – he’d never make her pick between her parents. Abby’s in – I want to do this.

As all watch on, Nate and Dr West butt heads. Yes, Nate’s egotistical and arrogant but he’s also the best. Listing the dangers Hilary could face during surgery, Nate announces that he’s her doctor. And yes, he does have jurisdiction (he called the administrator, a dear friend who took care of everything) This is my case now. Dr West hands Nate the file and marches off.