Thursday, August 30th

Mariah and Sharon scold Tessa (who’s very sorry) As Mariah goes to get Tessa something to eat, Sharon gets a call from security. Everything’s OK, she informs.

Vikki isn’t happy when Rey accuses her of using JT’s credit card. I suppose I hacked my own company too? Vikki knows it was JT – he was seen on surveillance. Rey has a source that claims otherwise. Not denying his source is Abby, Rey wonders how Vikki can feel safe working here late at night. Vikki ignores Sharon’s call (also of interest to Rey) Not hearing Sharon’s message warning her to be careful of Rey – he’s got a gun and could be dangerous, Vikki pulls out her checkbook and offers to solve the problem by paying off JT’s debt.

On the rooftop, Devon looks over at the abandoned Hilary Hour set (two chairs) Mike strikes up conversation to remind that Lily claimed responsibility for her actions and didn’t allow him to launch an aggressive defense that would damage the family. Tomorrow, speak on Hilary’s behalf but think about what she’d want. When Devon assumes he too is warning him not to cut off his family, Mike claims he hadn’t thought about that – but evidently, you have.

Downstairs, Cane suggests a nightcap. He’d rather spend the evening with his beautiful wife than discuss what Devon just said.

Sorry she lost Sharon’s trust, Tessa hopes for a chance to earn it back. Mariah returns to ask her Mom to back off so she can decide where this relationship goes. Sharon hopes it goes as Mariah wants it to.

Rey’s sure Vikki knows more than she’s letting on. His instincts tell him that she’s a good person in over her head. We’re done here, Vikki decides. Yeah, Rey says as he exits (but clearly doesn’t mean it) In the hallway, he makes a call. I found Vikki in her office – yeah, she bought it.

Vikki looks nervous as she listens to Sharon’s message (warning her about Rey) Her hands shake violently as she pulls a business card from her purse and calls Nate to come to her office. I think I’m having a reaction to something I ate. I can’t catch my breath. Please hurry!

On the CL’s patio, Mattie encourages Charlie not to worry about their parents – or Shawna; she just walked in. Charlie turns to look.