Thursday, August 30th

Over wine on the rooftop, Cane points out an airplane overhead – it can take us anywhere in the world. Going along with the fantasy, Lily would choose Paris.

Nate rushing to her side, Vikki struggles to speak. I’m dizzy. I can’t breathe. Am I having a heart attack?

Nate’s brought Vikki back to the penthouse for a glass of water and to check her heart rate with a stethoscope. You’re fine, he reassures. A grateful Vikki is told that she had a panic attack. Initially shrugging off her stress and past with JT, she quickly admits his abuse is the cause. Why did I take him back? she weeps in Nate’s arms, then apologizes and runs upstairs.

Back on the patio, Shawna asks Charlie not to be mad at Mattie – it was my idea to come talk to Charlie about the hearing they’ll see each other at tomorrow. Charlie agrees it’s a good idea ~kiss~

Seated in a booth at CL’s, Tessa understands Sharon being overprotective. She’s developed good instincts – and Mariah knows that Tessa’s holding stuff back and now that they’re alone she wants to hear every detail about what happened in Canada.

Vikki comes down all freshened up to tell Nate that she’ll send him a check in the morning. Yes, Nate will observe patient-doctor privilege. Rejecting the idea of seeing a therapist, Vikki won’t be troubling Nate again. Good night, she leaves.

Tessa tells Mariah that the people who helped her and Crystal want 20K and let her come back to GC to get it. And if you don’t pay? They’ll come after me. But Tessa doesn’t want to worry about that now – tonight she’s grateful to be where she belongs – with Mariah.

When Devon comes home, Shawna updates that she and Charlie got back together. No, he wasn’t here (that’s against the rules) and no, tomorrow’s hearing didn’t come up. Devon’s glad. IF Shawna chooses to testify he doesn’t want that testimony to be influenced (like people are trying to do to him) Do you know what you’ll say? Shawna asks – and wonders how much blame Devon will put on Charlie’s Mom.

On the rooftop, Lily and Cane dance. He’s sure everything will be OK. She’s not. Devon’s at home looking conflicted.

Next week: You’re out of control if you think I’m going to risk all this to be with you, Billy scoffs. Risk is what you do, Summer insists …. Summer thinks that she’s Phyllis JR but she has no idea what Momma’s capable of, Phyllis tells a bare-chested Kyle …. Why don’t you tell me what’s really going on? Abby confronts Rey… As Abby watches on, Jack takes a photo from Ashley’s hand and vows to find out who they are and which one’s his Father … In the matter of The State of Wisconsin vs Lily Ashby, we’re here to determine sentencing, the Judge announces. Chris and Lily are both standing; Charlie, Shawna, Devon, Cane and the twins are seated.