Friday, September 21st

Aside, Phyllis tells Billy that she had no clue – but has his back. Hear them out, she insists Billy hears how his problem affects everyone else. Traci starts – she’s scared of losing Billy. He sees no need to ring the alarm bells. Good – because it might be too late then, Traci asks Billy to sit and listen (which he does) After Traci speaks, Vikki takes her turn – think of the kids. Abby has faith in Billy – we all do. You need treatment ~hug~ Billy won’t let his family down or trash his life. Is that so? Jill dishes out tough love to her ‘precious boy’. When Billy claims that it’s different this time, Jack’s harsh – stop lying to yourself.

Charlie’s reassures his Mom that Mattie didn’t do anything too bad – she spends all her time researching how to get you out of here. Arriving with Cane, a defiant Mattie explains why she was arrested. Lily thinks that a reckless thing to do. Cane agrees and is glad to report that Chris won’t press charges. Mattie feels she had to do something to end this nightmare her Mom’s living.

Jack DID mean it when he said Billy was nailing it as CEO (at the time) When Phyllis again asks Billy to hear his family out, Jill accuses her of enabling Billy. Jack defends Phyllis – it’s the addicts’ fault. He knows how exhausting it is trying to keep control. One bet, any bet is one bet too many for a gambling addict. You’re not alone. Your addiction doesn’t stand a chance against everyone in this room, he concludes. Ashley finally speaks to address the distance between them and tearfully begs Billy to go to rehab. I love you so much. Please look at all our faces – we all want you to be healthy again.

Lily admires Mattie’s drive and courage – but sometimes you have to let things go. Don’t let this ruin anything else in your life – a criminal record would follow you; to school, jobs. Yes, it’s a nightmare – but it will soon be over.

Nikki finds Matt in Vikki’s office checking his email. When she wonders what’s taking so long with the DNA results, Victor appears to suggest they all go have dinner as a distraction. Enter Nate – with an envelope containing the test results.

Billy knows what he needs to do and rehab ain’t it. He shuts everyone down to accuse Ashley and Kyle of trying to oust him as CEO. This is about saving your life! Ashley shouts. All, including Phyllis, now realize that Billy had his mind up before even sitting down. I don’t need your help or opinions, he snarls. Leave me the hell alone! Billy slams out – leaving the group devastated and defeated.