Friday, September 21st

Kyle doesn’t mean to sound cold-hearted about Billy but is more worried about Jabot. Ashley was thrown off by Traci’s idea too – but agrees that Billy needs help. This is the best solution for everybody.

Billy closes the blinds in his office but instead of making out, gets a gently scolding from Phyllis – let’s invest in the stock market instead of gambling. Billy’s annoyed that Phyllis doesn’t understand him. She doesn’t like her choices – going along with Billy’s gambling or walking away. How can we resolve this???

Jill greets Cane and Charlie – tell Mattie I’ll reconnect with her later. Promise me you’ll stay strong and be careful, Jill advises Lily and doles out more hugs as she leaves. No sooner has Lily heard that Mattie’s working on a project, the guard comes in to announce that she’s been arrested. I’ll be back, Cane leaves Charlie and an astonished Lily.

Assuming that Billy will be going into treatment, Kyle thinks that if certain people react as we need them too, Ashley can save her brother and the company. Traci comes in talking to Jill on the phone – she’s in town so we need to move fast. Yes, Ashley has told Kyle the plan – we’re both 100% behind you.

Jack wonders if everything they’ve been through together has brought them to this moment. Victor again thinks the odds are astronomically small – you’re lucky to have been raised by John. We’re not related, they again cheers in agreement. Getting a text unrelated to the DNA test, Jack’s summoned home by Traci – she needs help with an urgent matter re: Billy. Abby and Vikki both receive the same text and drop everything.

Billy understands that Phyllis doesn’t like the gambling – something will have to change. I’ll keep it to himself – and you don’t bring it up. Phyllis doesn’t agree that’s the answer. Traci then calls – I need you to come home now – bring Phyllis, she orders Billy.

‘Everyone’s coming’, Traci updates Ashley (and Kyle) Thanked for taking the lead on this, she cautions that they still have a long way to go.

Cane arrives at the station to find Mattie handcuffed and wearing a ‘Free Lily Ashby’ T-shirt that matches her glittery protest-sign. She was arrested for chaining herself to the prison gate. Oh Mattie, Cane hangs his head. Partly admiring, partly furious with his daughter, he’ll call Chris to see if she can fix this.

Nikki thanks Matt for distracting her with photos on his phone. How’s Ashley? She’s embroiled in family drama but happy to be back at Jabot. Victor briefly stops by the table to say he’s going back to the office to carry on with his life. There’s no need for Nikki and Matt to come along.

Jack, Abby, Vikki and Jill have joined the rest of the Abbott’s to bicker and debate. When Billy arrives with Phyllis, he’s confronted by Jill. If this is an intervention you’ve all lost your damn minds. Let’s go. No, Phyllis thinks they need to stay.