Wednesday, September 26th

Mariah can’t believe that Summer’s spreading lies on the eve of their parents’ wedding. When Tessa comes along, Summer reveals the secret. Kyle confirms – but Nick and Sharon were ‘on a break’. It was a one-night thing. Or was it? Summer asks. Mariah looks over at Nick (sitting at the rooftop bar)

IF this thing with Nick and Sharon happened, Mariah doesn’t want anyone else to find out. She’s further horrified to hear that Nick’s paying Summer hush money. This marriage is doomed, Summer’s sure – even if no one wants to admit it.

Rey has nowhere to be – he’d like to hear more about what’s holding Sharon back. Change is good, but she doesn’t sound convinced by her own words. Nick’s so different from the last time we were married – we know who we are and what we want. This time will be perfect. Asked about his own marriage, Rey cites ‘baggage’ and thinks Nick lucky to have Sharon. She’s offering to rent him the room upstairs when Nick arrives to approve. Thanks for everything, Rey leaves Nick and Sharon to salvage their crappy night by dancing to the jukebox (though neither look happy)

Assuming Mariah won’t say anything, Summer invites Kyle to the wedding. As he rejects the offer, Tessa and Mariah debate what to do. Should I stop my Mom’s wedding!? Mariah’s conflicted.

Hiding tears as the song ends, Sharon denies she’s having second thoughts. What were you going to say when the alarm went off? both wonder. There’s something you need to know before tomorrow, Nick admits. Tell me now, Sharon blurts out. Both claim that they only wanted to say ‘I love you’ and are sure they’ll have a wonderful life together ~kiss~ Again, neither look happy.

Still in Paul’s office, Billy tells Phyllis that he lost 500K to a gambling syndicate. No, he didn’t get the money from a loan shark – worse; he took it from Jabot.

Next: Ashley takes control …. Lily makes a confession …. Nikki and Abby join forces.