Wednesday, September 26th

Asking where the bachelorette party guests went, Phyllis tries to convince Summer that she wanted to wish Sharon the best. Not buying it, Summer demands Kyle find out what’s going on. Obediently, Kyle offers to help Phyllis look for the others – and questions her about Billy’s gambling. When Phyllis gets a call that sends her running off, Kyle’s left looking puzzled.

In the elevator, Vikki takes a turn trying to convince Sharon to keep her mouth shut. Forget JT! Nikki barks. Sharon doubts any of them can do that – we’d be monsters. Maybe we already are, she pushes a button to open the elevator and marches out.

Phyllis got a call and bolted, Kyle updates Summer (who suspects her parents are having a fling and Nick’s wedding to Sharon won’t even happen tomorrow) Mariah appears to accuse the spoiled little Princess of being deluded. She’s about to warn Sharon that Summer’s starting rumours when Kyle’s reaction implies that it might be true – Nick cheated on Sharon with Phyllis.

Rey lets Phyllis into Paul’s office so Billy can explain that he started a fight when a bartender tried to cut him off. As Rey removes the handcuffs, Phyllis prods Billy to thank him for not pressing charges. Left alone, Phyllis cries at Billy – tell me this is as bad as things get. Oh sweetheart, it’s so much worse, Billy sighs.

Back on the rooftop, Nikki and Vikki gripe about Sharon going home to ‘think’. Anyone seen Sharon? Nick’s surprised to hear she called it a night and goes off to check if she’s OK. At CL’s, Sharon ignores Nick’s call and lets Rey in to ask questions about her party. You’re not an intrusion, Sharon could use the distraction (of making Rey’s coffee and whining about moving to a new home)

Phyllis doesn’t want to leave Paul’s office until Billy explains how things are worse than she thought. I’m juggling, Billy admits – things are gonna go boom when they fall on my head. How deep? Phyllis needs to know.