Thursday, November 29th

Shawna comes home to deny knowing anything about the drugs – but she is bothered by the sketchy friends Devon has over all the time. She locks her door at night. No, she hasn’t (or wouldn’t) say anything to him. Cane gives Shawna his card – he’ll come get her day or night if needed. Anna adds that they weren’t accusing her. After Shawna leaves for the library, Anna and Cane are both worried about her feeling unsafe.

Phyllis calls Billy into her office and busts him for arranging a meeting with Rebecca Barlow. Odd that they were under the impression that Phyllis wouldn’t be available (but that’s been straightened out)

Billy arranged the meeting for the benefit of Jabot. Solo? Phyllis is not impressed and knows Rebecca Barlow will want to meet with the CEO. It’s a great idea but we need to sell it as a team. When Billy sits to lay out his pitch, an impressed Phyllis jumps onboard. Kyle’s surprised to find them working on the Rebecca Barlow pitch – can I help? Yeah, close the door on your way out, Phyllis dismisses him.

Sunglasses on, Devon runs into Abby at CL’s. They chat about Anna, then Lola. Almost nodding off, Devon jokes that he needs espresso. Telling him to eat something, Abby looks worried.

Anna and Cane are still at Devon’s. No way he’s using drugs – but Cane still worries that Devon’s friends can get him in trouble. Charlie and Mattie won’t be exposed to this. Changes need to be made and Cane’s not asking permission.

Finding a bottle of wine and a big ‘congratulations’ card at the front door, Abby lets Arturo in. The sale went through but she’s got buyers remorse and is sorry she asked Arturo to partner with her on this. Abby worries this will fail like her incubator project. I have no credibility.

You’re an angel, Mia thanks Rey when he jumps up to help her carry Fenmore’s bags in – then dishes her out some food. When he comments on the price of something she bought, Mia says it’s an investment. She then recites a guest list for the party she’s having; all the Newman women, Phyllis, Lauren, Ester – and Mariah and Sharon.

Billy and Phyllis wrap up a productive work session with a table covered in Chinese takeout containers. She’s taking Kerry out for drinks; Billy will stay and finish up. We’re a dynamic team – professionally, Phyllis concludes before exiting.

Not happy to come home to find Cane waiting for him, Devon’s tired and off to bed. Cane wants to talk about ‘this’ first (the baggie)

Abby’s second-guessing herself – if it’s such a good deal, why didn’t Nick jump on it? Arturo has full confidence in Abby. He went to get a permit today and found out that a high rise is being built right next door to her property. The value will skyrocket.

Devon vaguely guesses that the drugs belong to some guy he had over – get rid of them please. That’s it? My son hangs out here, Cane’s not getting the answers he wants. Shawna loves you but doesn’t feel safe here so she’s going back to live with her parents in Colorado.

Kyle confronts Billy in Phyllis’ office. No, I didn’t tell her about Rebecca Barlow. Billy gripes that Phyllis somehow found out and took over; he works with her on it or not at all. You didn’t seem to mind, Kyle pouts. Billy confirms that it’s all an act; he’s team Abbott all the way. We have to be smart.