Thursday, November 29th

At the club’s bar for wine, Kerry changes the subject from Billy (and Jack) and asks Phyllis about this Barlow contract. Billy’s a bad boyfriend and CEO but he’s a marketing genius, Phyllis admits. Kerry assumed he had some gifts that made Phyllis keep him around. After Kerry leaves, Nick sends a text – you home soon? Phyllis might be a while – don’t wait up.

Phyllis brings two coffees back to her office and looks over Billy’s shoulder at the work he’s doing on his laptop. Phyllis has fun working with Billy – let’s try enjoy it. Billy doesn’t have to try (Phyllis looks pleased)

Rey obediently cuts the price tag off the slinky outfit Mia just bought. Lola’s catering my party, she announces. Huh? Rey didn’t even agree to this. It’s ladies only; find somewhere else to be tomorrow night, Mia’s clearly in control.

Abby and Arturo clink champagne flutes and celebrate.

Shawna doesn’t feel safe here, Cane informs Devon (who tells him to get the hell out of his house, then clutches at his chest as he pants and leans on the counter)

Next Week: Fenmore, Mike looks astounded. Lauren also turns. Hi Dad, hi Mom ….. Any chance I’m having a nightmare and am going to wake up any second? Abby’s at Mia’s – wearing the same dress as the hostess (as Vikki and Phyllis look awkward) … Anna thinks Devon needs to see a professional. A shrink? he scowls … Rey holds up a bag of evidence – it looks like and oxford shirt. Is that blood? Nikki asks (with Vikki) …. Nikki and Vikki pull up in their car. OMG – the stables, Nikki gasps (as they look at what might be a fire)

My Thoughts: I guess neither Nick or Abby know anything about real estate/development. Checking plans for the vacant lot beside the building would be an obvious first step in appraising the potential for profit. And how exactly is Arturo a ‘partner’? If so, why didn’t he sign paperwork too? Did Abby ask Nick’s permission before blogging about her new building on the Dark Horse website? … Mia’s gathering sounds more like a Mary Kay or Tupperware party than ‘networking’… Phyllis and Nick were doomed from day one. Very telling that she’d rather work with Billy than go home to Nick … Considering Devon owns the building and resides in the penthouse, you’d think he’d have a bit more privacy and less surprise guests.