Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Back inside, Lola declares Kyle the winner of their date contest. But wait, there’s more – he hands her an envelope that contains a certificate. Our star is officially named ‘Kola’. Wait, how much did this cost? Less than $20 – we can split if you like. This is so cheesy, Lola loves it ~kiss~

Billy did not enjoy walking in on Vikki and Cane like that but gets that she’s acting out impulsively because she’s shocked and hurt by what Phyllis said earlier. I’m the last one to judge. Right, and we’re not even dating – Vikki now knows that Billy turned to her because Phyllis turned him down. Billy believes that his moment with Phyllis and Vikki’s moment with Cane are both fleeting. We can’t let Phyllis drive a wedge between us. Billy wants a future with Vikki.

I’ve missed you so much, Nikki purrs in Victor’s arms. She’s glad he stopped being stubborn and allowed Nick (and Mike) to help him. When she confesses to accidentally killing JT, Victor’s only concern is keeping her safe.

Kyle and Lola’s kissing is interrupted when Kyle’s phone rings. It’s Jack (now via text) warning that he’s on his way home. No, we can’t tell him to stay out longer, Lola thinks 20 minutes is plenty of time – for Kyle to make hot chocolate. Heading to the kitchen, he again looks frustrated.

Having called Nick over, and with everything now out in the open, Victor wants the three of them to make plans to keep Nikki safe. He wants to hear everything that happened – spare no details. Nikki gives her son a worried look.

Vikki believes every word Billy said – but the burning question in her head is ‘what would Billy have done if Phyllis took him back’? It’s hypothetical, so doesn’t matter. Billy’s non-answer tells Vikki everything he needs to know.

Panting like he ran up the stairs to the penthouse, Cane’s at Devon’s hoping to borrow the private jet. He needs to go see Lily right now – to save his marriage.

Billy and Vikki continue to argue. He understands Vikki kissing Cane – it was a one-time thing. No, it wasn’t – Vikki’s kissed Cane before (recently) She’s confused and thinks Billy should go. He doesn’t want to. If you respect me, do what I ask. With a huff, Billy exits. Vikki’s left to sit and look equally sad.

Devon will lend Cane the jet if he confides what’s going on. Cane rants that the distance between him and Lily is growing larger – I can’t bridge the gap. She cut our last visit short. Cane then confesses to kissing Vikki (and Billy walking in) What!? You cheated on my sister – again? I don’t know what’s wrong with me!!!