Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Nikki relays that JT’s body was gone by the time she and Vikki went to move it. Then she found these clothes (that JT was wearing that night) in her bed – then the poker (also on the coffee table) Victor won’t let Nikki feel guilty and no, she should NOT confess. We have to find out who’s doing this – and destroy this evidence. Absolutely not, Nikki surprises Victor with her conviction.

Over hot chocolate, Lola learns that Kyle’s never eaten Mac n cheese out of a box. After a few more kisses, Lola has to go home to send her revised menus to Abby and Devon. Helped into her coat, Lola and Kyle exchange I love you’s. Now alone, Kyle smiles but doesn’t look completely satisfied with the way the evening ended.

Nikki doesn’t want to destroy evidence that proves Victor’s innocent (even if it points to her guilt) Vikki arrives babbling to her Mom but is diverted by hugging her Dad. Victor assures that now that him and Nick know the truth about everything, no one will beat us.

Devon doesn’t get why Cane always jumps into the arms of another woman when he’s stressed – and don’t you and Vikki hate one another? Cane can’t explain it – he just wants to go see Lily and be honest with her. I know you hate me but please help me.

We’ll find the bastard, Victor assures Nick (who he’s glad to have at his side) Across the room, Vikki and Nikki have a quiet chat about the stress they’re under. Vikki’s doubting herself (and Billy) after Phyllis let it be known that she was his second choice. Nikki doesn’t believe that she’s ever been second in Billy’s eyes. Should I get back together with him? Nikki can’t answer that. Mentioning her erratic reaction to Phyllis’ news (but not elaborating) Vikki’s not sure what she wants ~hug~

You’re not going anywhere near Lily, Devon won’t let Cane dump his guilt on her to make himself feel better. Too damn bad if this secret eats at you. My sister won’t make it in prison without the support of her faithful, devoted husband. Lily needs to get through her sentence without knowing what you and Vikki did. Meanwhile, Billy’s at the prison requesting a visit with Lily Ashby.

Next week: Sharon is in Phyllis’ office; I don’t respond well to threats of any kind – especially from you. Phyllis denies she’s a threat; it’s the Newmans we need to worry about … ‘Ours’ – nice touch – does it make you feel less guilty about the other night? Mia taunts Arturo. There was no other night, he insists …. Jack tells Kyle that he and Kerry and have hit the end of the road. What happened? I’m ready for a woman I can trust. …. When Billy opens the front door, Cane hauls back and throws a punch.